cryptocurrency cold storage

Tips for investing in cryptocurrency

Bitcoin was worth just a few cents. the unit has increased to 20,000 euros. At the beginning of this year 2018, the price has stabilized: it revolves around 13,000 euros. All this to prove that the bitcoin market is still very interesting, but requires caution and analysis cryptocurrency cold storage.


Do not buy when value climbs

When the value of the crypto-currency bictoin climbs, one tends to hope that it will still climb more. It’s possible, but not sure. So, as a precaution, it is better to buy when the value of the bictoin is falling. Speaking of purchase, know that you can buy bitcoin on this site. The more you keep your bitcoins, the more you increase your chance of winning the jackpot. It is advisable to keep bitcoins for months or years and sell only when its value reaches a previously fixed goal. You have to know how to sell at the right time! If you arrive at 15,000 euros, do not wait until he climbs again to 16,000 euros. It can drop to 10,000 euros in the days that follow. Do not forget the volatility of the market.


Do not trust ads on social networks

Many declare themselves facilitators on social networks like Facebook and Twitter to encourage you to buy bitcoin. These intermediaries are making false advertisements. You risk double by investing with them. Yes, the risk of scam is not minimal. If this is not the case, it must be said that intermediaries always offer high fees compared to direct purchases. This is the way for them to earn their share in the transactions, buying as resale.


Do not leave big amounts on the platforms

This is not because virtual money is easier to save than you absolutely have to leave your winnings on trading platforms. These platforms may go bankrupt without any guarantee of repaying your money. Your account may also be hacked. Use other devices to store your virtual money. There are, among other things, application portfolios, computers and smart phones provided they use a well-protected password.