Use Instagram Stories to get more followers

Through Instagram Stories you build a strong bond with your followers and new visitors can quickly get an idea of ​​your Instagram profile. The more attractive, the faster you will get new buy instagram followers.

The Instagram stories allow you to create small video sequences that are displayed above the actual image stream.

Why should you use Instagram Stories now?

Instagram Stories are prominently displayed on Instagram – even before the posts and they immediately catch the eye. The more you publish stories, the more they will be displayed directly to your followers.

It’s best if your followers still interact with your stories and watch everyone. Then the Instagram algorithm will classify your stories as very relevant. You’ll get top rankings in your community and you’ll get more Instagram followers.

Ultimately, Instagram stories offer you many opportunities and often create an even more direct line to your community. Unlike Instagram’s image feed, it’s not about perfection but authenticity. Behind the scenes, which face is behind the company and other exciting content formats build trust in your community and strengthen the bond.

This will be interesting if you want to earn money with Instagram. My experience is that through Instagram Stories, my reach has increased tremendously and I have been able to get more followers on Instagram.

Use live videos on Instagram

The live video feature lets your followers share real-time events or everyday life in real time.

Videos increase the interaction rate on your Instagram profile, leading to more followers.

Videos will become increasingly important for your Instagram profile in the future. The big advantage is that videos keep your followers on your feed or Instagram for longer.

Currently, very few videos use Instagram. The benefit is huge and you’ll get more Instagram followers. Because Instagram wants users to stay on the platform for a long time and rewards the profiles that make it possible.