Conor Lamb has the ad every Democrat should use to talk about Social Security

Conor Lamb, the Daily Kos endorsed candidate for the March 13 special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District, is showing why Republicans are really sweating this race. They shouldn’t be—it’s a heavily gerrymandered district that Trump won 58-39.

But Lamb has made this a real race, and it’s because he’s running a smart, progressive campaign. Case in point, this ad called “Entitlements.” He singles out the villain—Paul Ryan—and tells the simple truth about Americans and what having a secure retirement means to them.

“Paul Ryan will use the term “entitlement reform” to talk about Social Security and Medicare as if it’s undeserved, or it’s some form of welfare, but it’s not any of those things.

“People paid for it. They worked hard for it, and they expect us to keep our promises to them. A lot of these people are even taking care of other members of their family. I met a guy the other day who is 65 and he’s taking care of his 14-year old niece because there’s nobody else to do it. If you mess with his Social Security, he won’t be able to take care of her anymore.

That’s all people want to do.”

That’s the most perfect description and illustration of Social Security and Medicare you can get in 30 seconds. It’s the template every Democrat should use this—and every—cycle. Republicans have made their intentions to take on “entitlements” absolutely clear. But we can stop them.

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