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Get answers to all your newsletter questions

A newsletter is one of the most important building blocks of your email marketing program. Well-executed, email newsletters tell the story of your business in a way that keeps your readers informed and interested — and keeps your brand and services in their minds. 

More than that, newsletters are an excellent internal tool as well. Employee newsletters are an effective way to keep your own team engaged and excited, so that they continue to offer customers and leads the best possible service. 

All your newsletter questions answered

Newsletters are so vital to email marketing that we created a free white paper, Email Newsletters 101, explaining everything you need to know about them.

  1. Why do you need a newsletter?
  2. What should you put in an email newsletter?
  3. How should your newsletter look?
  4. How can you attract sign-ups?
  5. How do you know if your newsletter is working?
  6. What should you put in — and leave out of — an employee newsletter?

No more newsletter writer’s block

In addition to tackling these common newsletter questions, Email Newsletters 101 offers dozens of potential newsletter topics to spur your creative juices. Instead of staring at a blank screen wondering what to tell your customers, adapt one of these proven newsletter subjects to your own business.

If an email newsletter isn’t already part of your regular customer outreach, it’s time to start. If you’re running a regular newsletter but aren’t sure it’s doing everything it should, we have help for that, too.

Email Newsletters 101 takes the guesswork out of newsletters. Download your free copy today.

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The Key IoT Security Questions You Need To Ask

Microsoft IoT Security

An Internet of Things (IoT) solution offers a multitude of business benefits from decreased operational costs to new revenue streams. But it also comes with a host of security considerations, including an ever-changing array of regulatory compliance requirements, demanding expert navigation and acute attention to detail.

Below I’ve listed some of the critical questions to ask when deploying a secure IoT solution. To learn more about IoT security, be sure to register for the IoT in Action event in San Francisco on February 13.

How secure are your things?

For starters, the actual devices must be secure. In the next few years, a new wave of innovation will drive down costs and inundate the market with internet-connected devices in every price range, from electronic toys to manufacturing sensors. In anticipation of this, my Microsoft colleagues have identified The seven properties of highly secure devices. I have listed out each of these properties below, along with the fundamental questions you must ask:

  1. The hardware-based root of trust: Does each device have a unique identity that is inseparable from the hardware?
  2. Small trusted computing base: Is most of the device’s software outside its trusted computing base?
  3. Defense in depth: Does your device software have multiple layers of protection built-in?
  4. Compartmentalization: Are you using hardware-enforced barriers to stop failures from propagating to other components?
  5. Certificates-based authentication: Do your devices use certificates (vs. passwords)?
  6. Renewable security: Can the device’s software be updated automatically to a more secure state?
  7. Failure reporting: Do you have a solution in place to report software failures to the manufacturer?

How secure are your connections? 

More to the point, when you’ve got a bunch of devices talking to each other over the internet, how will you safeguard data confidentiality and integrity? When choosing an IoT monitoring and connection solution, make sure that it is using industry-proven data encryption. Solutions like the Azure IoT Suite secure the internet connection between the IoT device and IoT hub using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) standard.

Another question to ask is how you will prevent unsolicited inbound connections from wreaking havoc on your devices? Make sure that only devices are allowed to initiate connections and not the IoT hub. And speaking of the IoT hub: make sure that the one you’re using has the capability of maintaining a per-device queue – meaning that it can store messages for devices and wait for the devices to connect. For more on this topic, be sure to read IoT security from the ground up.

How secure is your cloud solution?

Is your cloud provider following rigorous security best practices? When choosing a cloud provider, make sure you pay careful attention to how they are handling the following areas.

  1. Network traffic segregation: Is IoT traffic segregated from other network traffic using an IoT gateway or other means?
  2. Monitoring: How is network traffic being monitored? How will you know if any credentials are compromised or if unmanaged devices are accessing your cloud services?
  3. Security controls: How well do you know your cloud provider’s SLA (service-level agreement)? Which security controls are being maintained by your provider and which will you need to address internally?
  4. Encryption and security key management: Does your IoT solution allow you to define access control policies for each security key? Is data in the cloud encrypted?

Have you registered for IoT in Action in San Francisco, CA on February 13, 2018?

These questions only scratch the broad surface of IoT security. To learn more about securing your IoT solution, register for this free, one-day event. You’ll hear from the researchers behind The seven properties of highly secured devices and see an IoT solution come to life before your eyes. You’ll also get insights into how Microsoft addresses IoT security through its Azure solutions. Plus, connect with partners who can help you bring your IoT solution from concept to reality. View the full agenda.

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Three questions as the North London derby build-up begins

Morning all. The build up the derby begins in earnest today with Arsene Wenger set to meet the press this morning. The early, if unofficial, team news, suggests that Petr Cech should be fit, Nacho Monreal has recovered from illness, and Danny Welbeck is back in contention for a place in the squad.

All of those things will be confirmed by the manager later on, and there are other questions that hopefully he’ll answer as we prepare for what is a crucial Wembley encounter. Such as:

Back three or back four?

The back four worked well at home against Crystal Palace and Everton. We won both games, scored 9 goals and conceded two, but it did not work when we went to Swansea in the middle of those two fixtures. You could ask if it was simply an off night all round, and that’s probably not too far from the truth as individual errors were the real problem rather than the formation, but given our away form this season it feels like it goes a bit beyond that.

There’s a psychological issue plaguing the players on the road. It’s not their technical quality, but something inside their heads. Given that one of our best performances of the season was the 2-0 win over Sp*rs earlier in the season, and that we played that day with a back three, I’d be very, very surprised if we didn’t use that formation on Saturday.

It’d mean Laurent Koscielny, Shkodran Mustafi and Nacho Monreal forming that defensive trio, but that system also raises another question:

Who plays left wing-back?

Ordinarily, you’d say the obvious choice would be the experienced international player who we brought in, it seems, to play in that very position, but Sead Kolasinac has been struggling of late. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why. He looked very promising early on, even if he had some defensive issues to work on, but he had a hip injury and since then his form has slumped.

There have been issues with his passing, at least three times this season his pass completion rate has been below 60% which, for a player in his position, is well below what’s required. It’s hard not to think he’s having a hard time physically, perhaps the injury is still affecting him and with that his confidence has taken a knock too, and all of those things and a loss of form have left him in a difficult place.

It’s too early to write him off, remember this is a man selected in the Bundesliga team of the season last year, but we can’t be blind to how hard he’s finding it at the moment. When Ainsley Maitland-Niles replaced Nacho Monreal at left back in the first half of the Crystal Palace game a few weeks back, it was a sign that the manager is, at the moment, unconvinced by the Bosnian’s form and/or fitness.

Wenger has shown that he’s got no worries about playing the 20 year old in big games, selecting him against Liverpool and Chelsea, but you still have to weigh up the risk of playing an inexperienced player out of position for a game as important and pressurised as this one.

It’s not an easy decision. On form, Maitland-Niles seems a good option, he’s quick and won’t be overawed by the occasion. On the other hand, Kolasinac played in the 2-0 win and did well, so it’s one that will give Wenger some thought I’m sure.

How away is this game?

If we were going to White Hart Lane I think I’d be feeling a bit more nervous about this one because of our poor record away from home this season, but we’re not. We’re going to Wembley, a ground we know well, and a place where we’ve had a lot of success in recent years.

We know this isn’t their home, they’re only squatting for a season while they do what they’re doing to their stadium, and it shouldn’t feel like a proper away game because of that. It won’t as noisy or atmospheric as normal, and any little thing we can hang on to to make this less of an away game the better.

On away games only, we sit 10th in the Premier League table with a record that says: Played 13, Won 3, Lost 6, Drawn 4 and with a goal difference of -6. Just 13 points on the road this season. In that not real table of just away games, the top 5 are the same teams that occupy the top 5 in the actual table, with Saturday’s opposition in 5th with 21 points. It tells a story.

Like many, I was hugely encouraged by what we did against Everton and how we played, but until we can add some solidity on the road, and find some measure of consistency for these games, it’s going to remain a big worry. We’ve put in good defensive performances away at Chelsea a couple of times this season, and people would say we’ve got the measure of them because of how often we’ve played.

It shouldn’t be that difficult to do something similar on Saturday. We know how they want to play, who they want to get the ball to and where, and the game at the Emirates in November was the blueprint for what we need to do this weekend. It’s certainly within our capability, but the wildcard of our away form still looms large over this one.

We’ll have all the team news and more from the press conference over on Arseblog News this morning. Tim Stillman will be here with his column later on, and I’ll be back tomorrow with an Arsecast and more.

Until then.