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Five potential playmaker options – with £142m to play with – as LFC end interest in Lemar

Liverpool are not interested in Thomas Lemar anymore, says James Pearce, who claims Jurgen Klopp has his eye on a better player to bring in with the £142m Coutinho windfall.

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Giggs discusses Mourinho options in attack

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs has been busy in the press lately and has been discussing many things about the club, even covering Jose Mourinho’s tactical options.

The Portuguese manager has been blessed with a relatively versatile set of players and has certainly been making the most of their various abilities.

Players like Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial have featured mainly from the left wing although they would consider themselves strikers.

Despite being out of position, both players have impressed immensely this season, showing a return to their best form at times.

Giggs though believes that Mourinho is still trying to find everyones absolute best position and when to unleash certain players in certain conditions.

Writing in Sky Sports Super 6 Class of ’92 Diary, Ryan said: “Jose is finding out who can play where. Sanchez played on the right for Barcelona so I don’t think it is set in stone that he’ll play on the left every game.

“I also think Jose has different options for different games. When you need a counter-attacking team then you go with Lukaku, Martial and Rashford, but then Juan Mata plays when United need his creativity to break teams down.”

Other players who’ve been moved around the pitch are Matteo Darmian, Ashley Young and Jesse Lingard amongst other teammates.

Darmian’s ability to play across the backline has been fully exploited by Jose at times this season although he seems to no longer trust the Italian.

Young was obviously tested as a full-back before but definitely not as much as he has been this season where he’s found the most success in recent years.

The Englishman was also asked to play on either flank and even featured as a winger on the odd occasion when necessary.

Lingard has pretty much played in every position behind the striker, even during games one can see him switch flanks or play down the middle.

Jose Mourinho also recently experimented playing Jesse as an attacking central midfielder but for all his trials and errors, it’s safe to say that most of the mentioned players have gotten better under his leadership.

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