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Leslie Jones, Hoda Kotb & Even Elmo Celebrate Snowboarder Chloe Kim's Olympic Gold Medal Win

After back-to-back 1080s in the halfpipe final, American snowboarding phenom Chloe Kim took home the gold!

The 17-year-old Torrance, California, native stole the show and many people’s hearts in PyeongChang during her competition on Tuesday morning (Monday night stateside) when she scored an impressive 93.75 in her first run and a whopping 98.25 in the final run.

Celebrities, including Hoda Kotb and Leslie Jones, were back home in the U.S. watching and cheering Kim on as she cemented her status as the youngest female competitor to win an Olympic snowboarding medal.

The PyeongChang games are the second time Kim has qualified for an Olympics but she could not compete in Sochi because she was too young (only 13 years old at the time).

Kim became the second 17-year-old to win a gold for the nation this week. (Snowboarder Red Gerard was the first.)

“Chloe!!!!!! Yessss!!!” the Today show co-anchor wrote in celebration as Saturday Night Live‘s Jones also tweeted: “YAAAAAASSS!! Slay all Day!!”

Seaseme Street posted a congratulations on behalf of adorable monster Elmo. “Congratulations to @Elmo’s friend @chloekimsnow on winning the gold medal! #ELMOtivation #WinterOlympics,” Seaseme Street posted on social media.

China’s Liu Jiayu received the silver medal while American Arielle Gold walked away with the bronze.

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And even more impressive and relatable, Kim expressed her hangry mood mid-competition minutes before she secured her gold. “Wish I finished my breakfast sandwich but my stubborn self decided not to and now I’m getting hangry,” she tweeted.




A day earlier, between the qualifying runs for the halfpipe event where previewed her first-place abilities, Kim had tweeted: “could be down for some ice cream rn.” A follower asked — wasn’t she competing at the moment? To which she responded, “yes…”

Along with the rest of the nation applauding Kim, her father was front and center to congratulate his superstar daughter.


The 2018 Winter Olympics are extra special for Kim as she’s competing in her family’s home country.

“I feel like I can represent both countries in a way because I have a Korea face, but I was born and raised in the States,” Kim joked in an interview with TODAY‘s Kotb.

Team USA collected its third gold medal in snowboarding with Kim’ victory.

The 2018 Winter Olympics are airing live on NBC. To learn more, visit teamusa.org.

Snowboarder Jamie Anderson Defends Her Title and Wins Gold in Women's Slopestyle — Again

Snowboarder Jamie Anderson has successfully defended her golden status.

The 27-year-old grabbed gold for the second time in the women’s snowboard slopestyle at Phoenix Snow Part in South Korea Monday morning (Sunday night stateside). Anderson also took home gold in the 2014 competition in Sochi — its Olympic debut — which means Anderson is currently the first and only woman to earn gold in the event at the Games.

Blustery conditions caused a delayed start to the event and handicapped the majority of the competitors, according to a release from the U.S. Olympic Committe, which also noted that :Anderson successfully navigated the course for a score of 83.00 on her first run, then watched as the field was confounded by the windy conditions.”

Her win comes just one day after 17-year-old snowboarder Red Gerard picked up gold in the men’s snowboard slopestyle. American Sage Kotsenburg took home gold in the same event in 2014, which means U.S. snowboarders have completely dominated in the category since the event was introduced.

Anderson — the fifth of eight siblings — has said the best advice she’s received as she’s pursued her Olympic dream is to“find something you’re passionate about and really pursue it.”

At the same time, she’s kept her medal-winning skills in perspective. In 2014, she told The New York Times: “At the end of the day, it’s snowboarding. We all started it because of the fun it brings and how much joy it is being out there on the mountain with your friends. It’s like playing, you know? We’re pretty much snowboarding on a playground up there.”



Skier Mikaela Shiffrin Wants to Remain a Down-to-Earth Dynamo as She Chases Olympic Gold (Again)

Mikaela Shiffrin is a returning gold medalist at the Winter Olympics — and was recently proclaimed “the best slalom skier in the world”by at least one magazine — but she remains, in her own words, basically the same kind of person, regardless of her athletic success.

“I’m still going into these Games feeling star-struck by all of my competitors, and I’m the same type of person to just keep my head down and just go do my race, do my thing and then see what happens,” she told PEOPLE prior to arriving in Pyeongchang, where U.S. viewers will get their first glimpse of her at the 2018 Olympics Sunday evening in the alpine skiing women’s giant slalom event.

A phenom on the snow, the 22-year-old Shiffrin can be wry, silly and self-deprecating in conversation, quick to reassure reporters she very much is not that famous — despite her history-making wins.

“I think I have a good combination of differences from the last Olympics and also the same sort of personality, I hope,” says the Vail, Colorado, native, who clinched her spot on Team USA in December. “Hopefully I haven’t turned into a jerk or something.”

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“I think that the biggest difference for me coming back to these Games as a medalist is just sort of that I know what that entails — how much goes along with that and how much my life did change, how much everything picked up after Sochi,” Shiffrin says. “So I can expect the same thing to happen if I am able to win more medals.”

In 2014, she became the youngest slalom gold medalist ever, at 18. And if anything, the years since have only accelerated her victories.

In a recent piece, one Boston Globe sport writer detailed how Shiffrin’s pace of race wins “far exceeds” fellow American alpine skier Lindsey Vonn at a similar stage in her career (and Vonn is the most decorated female ski racer of all time).

For its December issue, Outside magazine joined The New Yorker in labeling Shiffrin one of the sport’s greatest athletes.

On Twitter, she responded graciously (alongside a string of playful emojis) but noted, “I totally realize that there are quite a few names on the list before mine for ‘best of all time’!”


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“I’m well-known in my sport and people are starting to take notice outside of my sport as well, but the good thing of where I’m at right now is that I’m kind of — like I don’t really want it to change,” Shiffrin told PEOPLE in September. “I do in that, if I want to go to the Olympics this year, I want to perform well and if I do then it will change, so I want to do that. But I don’t want things to change in that I can go to the grocery store and shop and do my things.”

“That’s what I like about my life right now, that people don’t stop me too much,” she says. “But I think maybe they will start as the Olympics get closer because of doing interviews and my face is going places and they’re going to be like, ‘Oh we don’t want to see anymore of her.’ ”

Shiffrin is now in her third decade skiing (she started at age 2, in her family’s driveway). But as with the idea of fame, the idea she may be someone else’s role model has been an adjustment.

“I still have so many idols in the sport, in skiing racing, that it’s sort of like — okay, if the young kids are looking to me and I’m looking up to my idols, then it’s just a whole spider-web of people looking up to each other going, ‘Let’s just all hold hands around a campfire,’ ” she says. “And I don’t know, I’m just a person, I’m just a girl. There’s no reason to think I’m something special. But if people enjoy watching me ski race, then that is a huge compliment.”

The 2018 Winter Olympics are airing live. To learn more, visit teamusa.org.

17-Year-Old Snowboarder Earns Team USA's First Gold Medal at the Korean Winter Olympics

Less than two days after 2018 Winter Olympics officially opened in South Kore and Team USA has its first gold medal — all thank to 17-year-old snowboarder Red Gerard.

“I cannot believe it. I’m shaking right now, maybe from the cold, or from the excitement, I don’t know,” he told reporters after finishing his third run in the men’s slopestyle snowboarding event on Sunday. “But I’m ecstatic.”

Appearing in his first Olympics, Gerard had a spotty performance in the first two of his three runs — falling in both — but under the rules of the event, one great run was all he needed. And that’s what he delivered in his final time on the snow, earning an 87.16 score, ahead of Canada’s Max Parrot and Mark McMorris.

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“I can’t believe I got to land my run,” said Gerard, who came into the competition at the top of the world cup ranking. “Just to land a run would have been plenty for me and to get on the podium — but to get first is crazy.”

Now the youngest American man to medal at the Winter Olympics in nearly a century (since 1928), Gerard is also the youngest snowboarding gold medalist — period. (Since slopestyle snowboarding was introduced at the Games in 2014, an American has never not won gold there.)

“After I landed the second jump I was like, ‘Come on, don’t blow it on the last one, let’s just make it through,’ ” Gerard said.

“The wind was really bad and the first two runs it was pretty tough,” he said, “but we got a nice little break on the third and I’m just happy I got to land.”

Emilia Clarke Found Gold 'Baby Dragon Eggs' at Kensington Palace and Loved It

Emilia Clarke‘s real life was brought a little closer to her Game of Thrones character when she found gold eggs in Kensington Palace.

The star, 31, couldn’t stop grinning in an Instagram photo she shared on Thursday after she found the tiny gold eggs.

The actress, who portrays the Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO show, wrote, “That moment when you find your gold leaf baby (dragon)eggs….. at Kensington Palace. #thankgoodnesstheloorollisntgoldleaf #andapparentlytheirthronehasanalarm 😳.”

While excited about the eggs, the Game of Thrones star was disappointed to find out she would not be able to get a real life throne experience, as she was told the throne had an alarm on it.

The actress wore a floral dress to the Centrepoint awards in Kensington Palace Thursday night, sporting platinum blonde hair in a loose updo.

The awards celebrate the achievements of young people who have overcome homelessness. Centrepoint was a charity close to Princess Diana’s heart, and Prince William presented the awards during the night.

Clarke is often surrounded by reminders of her popular Game of Thrones character, sometimes even offering reminders herself such as when she adopted platinum blonde hair similar to her character’s in September.

Other times, it’s Clarke’s former HBO costars who manage to surprise her and delight fans. In November, she reunited with Jason Momoa, who played her onscreen husband.

“When life is so good that your sun and stars is in your city…you lose your eyes and gain 5 grins (and gins) where until now they’d only been one… (*grins- there’s always more gins)” she captioned an image of the duo laughing.

“YOU ALWAYS MOTHER OF DRAGONS MAIN MAN” Clarke continued, adding the hashatags “#lookoutjonsnowdrogosgotyournumber,” “#happinessishere” and “#hawaiianhakahunkoffunshutsdownlondon.”

Clarke and Momoa have stayed pals off-screen, reuniting several times over the past few years. In 2015, Clarke posted an Instagram photo of the two embracing during Paris Fashion Week.