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Was Clinton attack dog Sidney Blumenthal involved in launch of Russia collusion investigation?

A name long associated with the Clinton machine has surfaced as a behind-the-scenes figure in the Trump-Russia collusion story, prompting some to speculate that the investigation began at least partly as a dirty tricks operation.

Winter Olympics Skater Meagan Duhamel Rescued a Dog from the South Korea Dog Meat Trade

This year, Canadian pair skater Meagan Duhamel is leaving the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, with at least one gold medal, as part of the winning Canada skate team. Last year, she came back from the country with a dog.

The vegan figure skater rescued her mini-dachshund Moo-tae, destined for a dog meat farm, from the country during a visit last February, reports New York Post.

Duhamel, a two-time world champion, hopes that other animal-loving athletes take the opportunity to save a canine during the Olympics.

In South Korea, close to two million dogs are raised on meat farms in horrible conditions each year and then slaughtered to be served as a delicacy. Dog meat dishes can be found throughout the country, including in Pyeongchang.

Free Korean Dogs is one of the groups working to save dogs from the South Korea dog meat trade and bring them to other countries to be adopted out. The non-profit united Duhamel with her beloved Moo-tae last year, driving the dog eight hours to meet the skater, where she was competing in a test run for the Olympics, so she could take the innocent pup home.

Along with saving her dog, Duhamel also brought another dog meat farm rescue back to Montreal to be adopted out to another family.

Moo-tae didn’t arrive in North America injury-free, the pet will have misshapen legs for the rest of his life due to the abuse he experienced as a puppy.

But the little pup seems eager to put that behind him, quickly adjusting to the loving, safe life he has with Duhamel.

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“Most of the time, he just wants to sit in everybody’s arms,” she told the Associated Press. “He doesn’t even care to play, he just walks up to everybody and wants to be held.”

Duhamel plans to bring another dog meat farm survivor home on her return trip from the Pyeongchang Olympics, she hopes other athletes will do the same even if they can’t adopt the dog themselves and need to have it adopted out at home instead.

Hot Dog Sushi? Kim Kardashian Invents 'Creative' Food to Please North and Saint

Kim Kardashian West isn’t afraid to get creative in the kitchen!

On Saturday, the mom of three shared that she had come up with a brand new type of food for her daughter North, 4 ½, and son Saint, 2, to eat: hot dog sushi rolls.

Sharing a photo of the innovative snack on her Instagram Stories, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 37, explained that “when your kids LOVE sushi & hotdogs you get creative.”

The reality star and husband Kanye West are also parents to daughter Chicago West, who was born in January.

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The KKW Beauty mogul also continued to break her “no jewelry” rule on Saturday as she posted a picture of a series of chain necklaces arranged over her cleavage, including one which read “Pablo,” likely a tribute to her husband‘s last album, The Life of Pablo.

A few of the other layered necklaces Kardashian West wore also seemed to be a testament to her love for West, as they appeared to be from his 12-piece jewelry collection, which consists of thick-band rings and medallion-style pendant necklaces.

“Hey Saturday,” she simply captioned the shot.

RELATED: Kim Kardashian Posts Topless Photo Taken by Daughter North West

Kardashian West recently caused a stir after posting a topless photo to her Instagram feed on Thursday, which she said was taken by her 4 ½-year-old daughter.

In the photo, the reality star wears an unclasped bra, black spandex and she conceals her chest with her hands. Her reflection (as well as North’s) can be seen in the mirror.

Kardashian West’s hair is brunette in the photo, which indicates it’s probably a throwback as the busy mom of three has remained committed to her platinum locks.

Woman Unknowingly Adopts the Beloved Dog She Was Forced to Give Up as a Child

Seven years ago Nicole Grimes of West Brownsville, Pennsylvania, had to say goodbye to her best friend.

Then 14 years old, Grimes was forced to give up her dog Chloe, who was picked out for her by her late grandmother, because her father, who worked from home, found the dog too distracting, reports the Observer-Reporter.

Upset but compliant, Grimes surrendered her dog to Washington Area Humane Society to be rehomed. Ever since that dark day, Grimes has often wondered what happened to the gray-and-black dog she adored.

A random chain of events brought the two best friends back together again, which ended with Grimes answering a Facebook post. Not too long ago, Grimes was scrolling through the social media platform when she spotted a post from a friend looking to find a new home for her senior dog. Since the dog looked like her beloved Chloe, Grimes responded she would take the canine in.

Once the dog was in her arms, Grimes couldn’t get over how much the dog reminded her of her old pet. The pup even acted like she knew Grimes already. So she took her new pooch to a local vet to have the dog’s microchip scanned. The unique number on her new pet’s chip was an exact match for Chole’s microchip number. Grimes new dog was actually her old friend.

“I felt like I won the lottery,” Grimes told the Observer-Reporter. “That was one of the most exciting moments of my life. I just never thought I’d see her again.”

Grimes later learned that after she surrendered Chloe as a child, the dog was adopted by an older couple who cared for the pup until they died. The family of the pair found Chloe a new home with a neighbor, who also happened to be Grimes’ Facebook friend.

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Now 11 years old, Chloe doesn’t look too different from the dog Grimes remembers. She has lost a few teeth and has a little more gray hair, but her loving spirit is the same.

“What are the odds,” Grimes added. “I knew it was going to be her, I just knew it.”