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A Valentine’s Day Dinner Party You Have to See to Believe

Timothy Corrigan's Paris Flat

For regular readers, Timothy Corrigan needs no introduction. Our behind-the-scenes look into a holiday dinner party at his French chateau years ago is still buzzed about; his springtime al fresco lunch gave us total landscaping envy; and his casually elegant Easter brunch gave us a first glimpse into Timothy’s West Coast home. Oh, and as unofficial president of the Timothy Corrigan fan club, I even went so far as to get married at his Loire Valley property last year… now that’s dedication. I’ve always known that Timothy and I were kindred spirits, but today’s story makes it official. There’s no holiday that I love more than Valentine’s Day, and it turns out that our favorite francophile interior designer feels the same way. How’s he celebrating this year? The only way he knows: with close friends around a beautifully set formal dining table, his newly renovated Paris flat a most amorous setting. Ready for some jaw-dropping inspiration? Keep …see the slideshow here

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20 Best Valentine’s Day Movies for the Single Girl

Favorite Valentine's Day Movies | Breakfast at Tiffany's

If Valentine’s Day really was invented solely to torture single people, one might argue that the entire romantic comedy genre is intended to see them through. Having lived through our share of solo February 14ths, everyone in this office knows the power of a feel-good movie when you need it. We put our heads together to come up with our all time favorite Valentine’s Day flicks — movies that make us laugh, feel good, and renew our hope in love. It’s ironic — when you have a boyfriend you’ll rarely get to watch these movies any more. So if you happen to have complete power over the remote control this week, take advantage with one of our twenty favorite films that met our strictest Valentine’s Day requirement: a happy ending.     …see the slideshow here

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On This Day in Football: Cologne gets a new club

On This Day in Football: Cologne gets a new club – originally posted on Sportslens.com

On this day in 1948, German Bundesliga club FC Koln were formed.

But the foundation of Koln was successful after the merger of different clubs. In 1901, a group of young men dissatisfied with a gymnastics club called FC Borussia Koln decided to form a football club and named it Kolner BC. They played professionally in the Zehnerliga West prior to the start of the First World and even won the Westdeutsche Championship in 1912.

In 1907, Spielvereinigung 1907 Koln-Sulz was established as Sulzer Sportverein and merged with Fußball Club 1908 Hertha Sulz to form SpVgg in 1919. This club won the Westdeutsche Championship in 1928.  Five years later, the Third Reich oversaw the establishment of 16 divisional league competitions as part of a major reshuffle of German football. FC Koln’s predecessors played in the Gauliga Mittelrhein, one of the 16 leagues.

FC Koln was established in 1948 after a merger of these clubs and won their first divisional championship in 1954. They also reached the final of the DFB Pokal that season but lost 1-0 to Stuttgart. In 1963, they were one of the original 16 teams to play in the newly formed German Bundesliga. Koln were also the inaugural champions in the 1963-64 season by finishing six points above second placed Meidericher SV.

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A New Baby and His Own Day! Travis Scott Celebrates Feb. 10 in His Texas Hometown

Nine days after welcoming his first child with girlfriend Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott celebrated another milestone.

The rapper and new dad to daughter Stormi Webster, 25, was honored with the key to his hometown of Missouri City, Texas, by Mayor Allen Owen on Saturday, which was officially named Travis Scott Day.

“This place right here gave me all my ideas,” Scott said in his acceptance speech that was shared by the city on Twitter. “It’s the drive and focus of what I’m doing now. Music, design, whatever I’m doing. I owe everything to this city.”

Adding, “This is my first award. I cannot be more proud to get my award in my hometown… This is everything I fight for, this is everything I cry about every night… just for a moment like this.”

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The “Butterfly Effect” hitmaker showed off his plaque and key to Missouri City that read “Jacques ‘Travis Scott’ Webster Jr.” on Instagram.

Also at the ceremony was Houston Rockets star James Harden, who previously dated Kylie’s sister Khloé Kardashian.

Meanwhile, back in California, Jenner, 20, stepped out for the first time since giving birth to their baby girl.

The Kylie Cosmetics mogul was seen on Saturday with BFF Jordyn Woods in Los Angeles, wearing black bicycle shorts and black top, covered by a beige jacket.


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Kylie is doing great,” a source told PEOPLE on Monday. “She has left her baby at home a couple of times for short outings. She is very happy and looks great, too. Things with Travis are the same. He is great with the baby when he is around.”

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality star finally addressed her pregnancy and announced her baby girl’s arrival on Feb. 4 in a statement on Twitter and Instagram, as well as a video, titled “To Our Daughter” on YouTube.

News that Jenner and Scott were expecting a baby was first confirmed by PEOPLE in September. The new parents have been dating since April 2017.

Fast food workers mark fiftieth anniversary of Memphis sanitation strike with day of action

February 12 is the fiftieth anniversary of the Memphis sanitation workers strike, and to mark the occasion, thousands of fast food workers across the country walked off the job. In Memphis itself:

Seeing the rally nearby, 28-year-old Burger King employee Robin Curtis said she made a split-second decision to walk out on her job of about six months, telling her manager, “Time for a change.”

“To make a change, if I have to quit, I will,” said Curtis, who is working multiple jobs as she raised two children in South Memphis.

In Kansas City:

Bridget Hughes, a local mom of three, has worked in fast-food for 10 years. She spoke at the rally.

“Low wage workers today here in Kansas City and across the nation are carrying on the tradition of Dr. King and the sanitation workers. Every day, working people are overcoming our divisions and organizing together to win better for all of us. We know that McDonald’s and these billion-dollar companies are trying to rig the political and economic system against us. Are we going to let them do that? If we are going to win, we must use our strength in numbers and come together as one people.”

Check out more scenes from the strikes and rallies below.

Senators flag 'unusual' Susan Rice email on Russia probe from Inauguration Day

Ex-national security adviser Susan Rice sent an “unusual email” to herself the day President Trump was sworn into office documenting former President Barack Obama’s guidance at a high-level meeting about how law enforcement should investigate Russian interference in the 2016 presidential race, two Republican senators said Monday.