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#TravelTheRainbow: Colorful destinations around the world

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The world is a colorful place, and if you’re not out there exploring it, then sometimes it’s easy to forget! So if you’re cooped up in an office staring out the window at a bleak and dreary winter scene, here are some destinations from across the globe to brighten up your day and inspire you to #TravelTheRainbow

Red: Daigo-Ji Temple, Japan

Not only is this temple an absolute beauty, but it’s also of huge cultural significance to Japan. It’s a designated World Heritage Site, and provides the Shingon sect of Japanese Buddhism a place of community and worship. For travelers, it’s an amazing sight to behold. It’s situated on a mountainside and surrounded by a wealth of nature to complement its deep red hues perfectly.

Orange: Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona

There are so many colorful, orange places in Arizona’s vast desert that we struggled to narrow it down to just the one. However, the USA’s home of the Grand Canyon also hides some lesser-known secrets, such as the Vermillion Cliffs with their impressive swirls and twists. 

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Yellow: Dallol, Ethiopia

It’s hot. It’s remote, but it’s a must-see. The volcanic hot springs of the Dallol volcano appears as a neon yellow color because of minerals and elements such as sulfur, iron and salt which are found among the hot magma. We can’t stress enough how important it is not to get too close, though. These pools can be acidic and toxic gases can even kill. Eeek – stay back!

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Pink: Lake Retba, Senegal

This isn’t a filter – there are a few pink lakes in the world, and Lake Retba is one of them. If you’re lucky enough to be heading through this African nation, you’ll see its pink coloring thanks to a certain kind of algae. There’s true discoloration, which means that you don’t have to squint to see the hues. As a World Heritage Site, it’s becoming easier to visit (it’s only an hour from the country’s capital). And you can even swim in it – you might float though, due to exceedingly high salt content!


Green: Bali Rice Paddies

Making the pilgrimage to Indonesia? Seeing the rice paddies of Bali is like a rite of passage. Used literally for growing rice, they make incredible backdrops for all those Insta-snap memories you’ll keep long after Instagram stops being a thing.

 Blue: Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Ah, Australia. Home to some of the bluest oceans in the world, and plenty of fishy friends living in there. Visiting the Great Barrier Reef should be on everyone’s bucket list; but it needs to be respected. In recent years, conservation efforts have been strong. Still, it’s worth moving this one up on your bucket list if you are dreaming of diving or snorkeling there. It might not be around forever. Sad face indeed.

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Indigo: Northern Lights, Iceland

While there are many colors of the Northern Lights, and a fair few places to see them, perhaps the indigo hues are the rarest and among the most beautiful. Venturing to Iceland doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll see them, but it certainly heightens your chances; and the landscapes are drop dead gorgeous as well.

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Violet: The Lavender Fields of Provence

Flowers are pretty, sure, but they rarely turn heads like the Lavender Fields of Provence in France. Not only do the fields look amazing, but there’s an incredible aroma here, too. France – just like a lot of Europe – is known for its rich and idyllic lush scenery. Just be careful that you don’t get nod off picnicking nearby. Lavender has long been used as a sleep aid!

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So if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get out of your comfort zone, travel more and experience new cultures why not give one of these colorful and unique locations a try OR see them all and shape your own rainbow inspired travel adventure with STA Travel’s Multi-city flights!

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#EatTheRainbow: Colorful food from around the world


Colorful food has been making waves around the world of late, and 2018 will see no stop to that trend. But before Instagram came along, did you know that bright foods have been staples in many countries for years?

Red: Red Velvet Cake (USA)

First up in the rainbow, it’s red. And what could be more red than Red Velvet Cake? Honestly, the clue is in the name! Sure, it’s not really a naturally occurring shade, but the Cheesecake has been an American classic since the 1920’s, with its exact origins somewhat disputed. Was it pioneered by the Adams Extract Company? Or by the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York? Who knows – but what we do know, is that it’s delicious.

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Orange: Mango Salsa (Central & South America)

The tradition of making sauce from fruits dates back to pre-Columbian times. Mango salsa is simply a variation on fresh salsa (Spanish for “sauce”), that’s used across the region as well as generally in Spanish cooking.

Yellow: Polenta (Italy)

This staple of Northern Italian cuisine, Polenta, is a pale yellow in colour. And it’s delicious. On paper, it doesn’t sound too great – boiled cornmeal, yum – but you have to trust us here! You can have it served hard and firm, or creamy and soft, and it’s found everywhere in the country; whether you’re looking for cheap eats, or something a little fancier.

Green: Matcha Ice Cream (Japan)

Green ice cream? What sorcery is this? Who cares – it tastes amazing! Matcha actually originates in China, but it’s widely found across Japan and they use it in traditional tea ceremonies there. Of course, with Japan being famed for a culture that so easily blurs the contrast of modern and old, it’s now used to flavor ice cream, too.

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Blue: Butterfly Pea Powder Latte (Thailand)

Watching boring old tea transform into a beautiful blue is like watching a butterfly complete its transformation… so that’s how we like to think it got its name. In actual fact, the drink – which can be found across Thailand – is made by brewing tea made from the vibrant butterfly pea flower.

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Indigo & Violet: Purple Corn Pudding (Peru)

Move over “normal” corn. In Peru, you can actually get it of the purple variety! It’s hard to find elsewhere, but when you’re off on your travels, trying it in their signature pudding is a must. Mazamorra Morada uses purple corn, fruits, cinnamon and sugar to hit that sweet spot. Good news: it’s super good for you, too. The darker your food, the more antioxidants it contains. Who knew?

Rainbow: Skittles (UK)

Want to “taste the rainbow” – quite literally? British favorite sweeties come in all kinds of colors, literally every color of the rainbow! Fun fact: they’re completely devoid of color during

Rainbow: Mermaid Drinks (Mexico)

Heading to Mexico? Starbucks created a mermaid drink, exclusive to the country. The reason why it’s so unique? Its blend of green melon crème and topped with blue vanilla whipped cream, blue and pink sugar crystals and iridescent violet pearls, probably means it’s a tad on the naughty side to be available everywhere!

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Rainbow: Unicorn Drinks (Worldwide)

When Starbucks released their drinks swirling all the colors in the galaxy, it only made multi-colored drinks mainstream – but the reality is, you can find unicorn inspired drinks all around the world if you know where to look! Check this one out from California.

We’re seeing more and more wild and wonderful rainbow food cropping up in the most unnatural – but awesome – ways. From rainbow layer cake to rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches, to donuts and even mermaid croissants?! The world’s food scene is getting a whole lot more innovative. And more fun, too!

If that hasn’t satisfied your curious foodie self, check out where to find foods in a darker shade of black here >

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