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Still 'Hangry'? Teen Snowboarding Star Chloe Kim on What Her First Post-Olympics Meal Might Be

It seems there’s no rest — or food — for an Olympic gold medalist.

Minutes after earning first place in a nearly perfect performance at the women’s halfpipe event in the Water Games on Tuesday morning (Monday night stateside) — and just a few hours after saying she was getting “hangry” on the hill — 17-year-old U.S. snowboarder Chloe Kim said she still hadn’t had a bite to eat.

So what would she chow down on to celebrate her medal, if she had a second to herself?

“Burgers, fries, maybe some Hawaiian pizza,” she tells PEOPLE, her latter choice almost immediately stirring a tiny bit of controversy online from die-hard haters of pineapple and ham and tomato sauce together.

Kim knows from food, just to judge by her Twitter, where her missives the last few days have playfully riffed on her dietary habits.

Between her runs Tuesday in the halfpipe final, Kim tweeted, “Wish I finished my breakfast sandwich but my stubborn self decided not to and now I’m getting hangry.” (A follower responded, “um aren’t u on the top of a mountain rn.”)

Earlier in the week, she shared she “could be down for some ice cream rn,” triggering a mini-viral moment during which NBC polled its followers on what kind of ice cream she should get.

To that she responded, “Cookies & Cream is some good stuff. If anyone can get me some to the village thatd be dope.”

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“I’m so nervous!!!!!!!” Kim tweeted on Monday, adding minutes later, “Oh and I also had 2 churros today and they were pretty bomb so if you ever get nervous go eat a churro.”

The playful posts are another piece of Kim’s rapidly increasing fame. Speaking to reporters after competing on Tuesday — as ever with her blend of calm and charisma, spiked by demonstrable enthusiasm; aka, being a teenager — she said her followers on Instagram have about doubled since she traveled to South Korea.

“My Twitter’s been blowing up because of the tweets that I tweeted yesterday,” she said, knowingly, at a news conference later Tuesday, referring to her riffs on what she was and was not eating.

Asked by PEOPLE if she was ready to be known as a foodie Internet personality, it seems Kim is not (understandably) going to leave the snow behind — but she’s not going to abandon any new fans.

She says, “I’m just here to inspire.”

The 2018 Winter Olympics are airing live on NBC. To learn more, visit teamusa.org.

Leslie Jones, Hoda Kotb & Even Elmo Celebrate Snowboarder Chloe Kim's Olympic Gold Medal Win

After back-to-back 1080s in the halfpipe final, American snowboarding phenom Chloe Kim took home the gold!

The 17-year-old Torrance, California, native stole the show and many people’s hearts in PyeongChang during her competition on Tuesday morning (Monday night stateside) when she scored an impressive 93.75 in her first run and a whopping 98.25 in the final run.

Celebrities, including Hoda Kotb and Leslie Jones, were back home in the U.S. watching and cheering Kim on as she cemented her status as the youngest female competitor to win an Olympic snowboarding medal.

The PyeongChang games are the second time Kim has qualified for an Olympics but she could not compete in Sochi because she was too young (only 13 years old at the time).

Kim became the second 17-year-old to win a gold for the nation this week. (Snowboarder Red Gerard was the first.)

“Chloe!!!!!! Yessss!!!” the Today show co-anchor wrote in celebration as Saturday Night Live‘s Jones also tweeted: “YAAAAAASSS!! Slay all Day!!”

Seaseme Street posted a congratulations on behalf of adorable monster Elmo. “Congratulations to @Elmo’s friend @chloekimsnow on winning the gold medal! #ELMOtivation #WinterOlympics,” Seaseme Street posted on social media.

China’s Liu Jiayu received the silver medal while American Arielle Gold walked away with the bronze.

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And even more impressive and relatable, Kim expressed her hangry mood mid-competition minutes before she secured her gold. “Wish I finished my breakfast sandwich but my stubborn self decided not to and now I’m getting hangry,” she tweeted.




A day earlier, between the qualifying runs for the halfpipe event where previewed her first-place abilities, Kim had tweeted: “could be down for some ice cream rn.” A follower asked — wasn’t she competing at the moment? To which she responded, “yes…”

Along with the rest of the nation applauding Kim, her father was front and center to congratulate his superstar daughter.


The 2018 Winter Olympics are extra special for Kim as she’s competing in her family’s home country.

“I feel like I can represent both countries in a way because I have a Korea face, but I was born and raised in the States,” Kim joked in an interview with TODAY‘s Kotb.

Team USA collected its third gold medal in snowboarding with Kim’ victory.

The 2018 Winter Olympics are airing live on NBC. To learn more, visit teamusa.org.

How Snowboarder Chloe Kim Is Poised to Dominate the Winter Olympics — at Just 17!

Even now — after the record-breaking, after three gold medals at the Winter X Games, after all the press coverage — 17-year-old snowboarder Chloe Kim still gets nervous before she drops into the half-pipe to compete.

“I’m shaking, my heart is pounding out of my chest, it’s like I’m freaking out,” she told PEOPLE in the fall, prior to her debut at the 2018 Olympic Games. “But once I’m moving, I feel fine and I feel relaxed.”

And it shows: Kim, who won’t turn 18 until two months after the Winter Olympics, has dominated the women’s half-pipe in recent years, with back-to-back medals at the X Games every year since 2014.

On Dec. 15, she qualified for Team USA — the second time she’s made the cut (the first was in 2014) — but the first time she’s actually been old enough to compete in the Olympics.

“My parents are really excited about it, and it’s some crazy luck that my first Olympics are going to be in Korea where my parents are from,” says Kim, a California native. “And a lot of my relatives over there have never really seen me compete before, so I think it’s going to be pretty cool for everyone. It’s really exciting, my whole family is really excited about it, so that gets me even more stoked!”

Kim says she feels she can “represent both Korea and America,” given her heritage.

The teen says she first got on a snowboard at age 4, at her dad’s urging: “He took me there to bribe my mom to come snowboarding with him so I was like the bait.”

While she may be one of the youngest breakout stars on the snow in February, “hopefully I get to do more than one Olympics in my lifetime.”

“I feel like now is a cool time for me,” she says. “I’m going to turn 18 next year. I’m going to go off to college, and I just think having that experience and going through all of it before another big part of my life comes around is going to be really exciting for me.”

Kim’s prodigious physical prowess — she’s the only female snowboarder who can pull off two 1080s right after each other — as well as her youth and personality continue to draw headlines. (One Sports Illustrated article from last year labeled her the “queen of snow” and predicted she could “rule snowboarding for years to come.”)

“Luckily for me, snowboarding doesn’t really feel like work unless I’m actually doing stuff that’s like work-ish, but when I’m just snowboarding I’m having so much fun,” she explains, adding, “I always have fun on the mountain, so it’s always nice to go back out there and do what I love.”

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Heading into the PyeongChang Games, she is widely considered one of America’s best shots at gold. She’s aware of the hype, but it’s not a big burden.

“At the end of the day, obviously there is going to be some pressure that comes along with it, but at the same time it’s like, you know, ‘Wow, these people really believe in me and have all this confidence in me.’ I think that pushes me to be better and motivates me,” she says.

(And yes, she has searched for herself on the internet: “The first pictures that pop up of me are like when I was 12 and I’m just like, ‘I don’t look like that any more! Stop! Give your girl a chance.’ “)

Kim’s time competing is heavily regimented, with key support from her dad, a former engineer who “really understands the physics of things and how gravity works and all that crazy stuff.”

Outside of the spotlight, Kim is still a teenager, although she does admit her achievements in the sport meant “I had to grow up a little fast.” She travels with her parents — though she’ll “probably” start traveling alone after the Olympics — and is active on social media, where she often shares photos of her mini Australian shepherd, Reese.

“I have two amazing sisters, my mom and I are like best friends so we always go shopping together, we always take Reese to the park together, and I think just me living in the city, when I’m not on snow, just kind of helps a lot with my life and being normal,” Kim says.

“Like when I’m not snowboarding, I’m probably at the mall getting new clothes or at Petco.”

The Winter Olympics begin Feb. 8. To learn more, visit teamusa.org.

Olympic Snowboarder Chloe Kim's Mom Shows Off Her American and Korean Flag Nail Art: 'Ready to Watch Chloe NAIL It!'

Teenage snowboarder Chloe Kim’s mom is showing off her Olympic pride in style.

Boran Kim posted a photo to Instagram on Sunday of the patriotic fingernail art that she’s sporting in support of her 17-year-old daughter: an American flag on her left forefinger and a Korean flag on her right, a nod to the teen’s dual heritage.

“Ready to watch Chloe NAIL it! :)” Boran wrote in the caption, prompting a sweet comment from Chloe, who wrote: “my mama is the cutest!”

A California native who took up snowboarding at 4 and who won’t turn 18 until the spring, Chloe is widely expected to earn a spot on the podium in the Winter Games’ snowboard halfpipe later this week.

She will compete in a qualifying run on Monday, in the mountains of Pyeongchang, South Korea.

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The combination of her youth, her SoCal-inflected personality and her dominant athletic ability has made Chloe one of the American stars of these Olympics, only a few days in.

At a news conference last week, after she arrived, journalists thronged around her.

“I think … wooo,” she said then. “It’s kind of crazy. I think this is the craziest place I’ve been so far, just all of these cameras and like the media village days, too, have been pretty crazy, but it’s all part of the experience.”

She is joined in Pyeongchang by her parents, who immigrated to the U.S. from South Korea more than 20 years ago. Chloe previously told PEOPLE she feels she can “represent both Korea and America.”

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At a practice on Saturday, Chloe was watched by her dad, flashing him a big smile at the end of each run.

“My parents are really excited about it, and it’s some crazy luck that my first Olympics are going to be in Korea where my parents are from,” she said in the fall. “And a lot of my relatives over there have never really seen me compete before, so I think it’s going to be pretty cool for everyone.

“It’s really exciting, my whole family is really excited about it, so that gets me even more stoked!”

The 2018 Winter Olympics are airing live on NBC. To learn more, visit teamusa.org.

Chloe Grace Moretz Turns 21! See How She Celebrated with Boyfriend Brooklyn Beckham

Chloe Grace Moretz turns 21 today!

The actress celebrated her milestone birthday with cake, selfies and famous friends — including her boyfriend, Brooklyn Beckham.

The Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising star recently rang in the occasion at Beauty & Essex Los Angeles in a private dining area decorated with Earthbaby Flowers and balloons bearing the actress’s name.

Moretz, wearing an Asian-inspired dress with feathered sleeves and sequins, took selfies with her boyfriend, 18, who dressed up in pinstriped pants, a white button-down and suspenders. She was also spotted hand feeding Beckham a piece of her four-tired pillow designed cake.

Her closest friends, including Before I Fall‘s Zoey Deutsch, Dope star Kiersey Clemons, American Honey’s Sasha Lane and actress-singer Kathryn Gallagher joined in on the celebration. 

A pregnant Tia Mowrey and her husband Cory Hardict, whose second child is due in April, were also in attendance, as well as her friend, Stranger Things actor Joe Keery, who looked cozy with his girlfriend Maika Monroe.

Although Moretz and Beckham have officially reunited, in an interview with Australian lifestyle magazine Stellar, Moretz revealed that she struggled after the couple split in September 2016.

“I went through a hard year and I’m not going to hide that,” the actress said. “I had to deal with this new level of fame while I was growing up, I was getting out of a relationship and all of it was very public. I wanted to hide.”

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PEOPLE confirmed in August that Beckham and Moretz were “hanging out” again and in September, the couple made things official after stepping out together wearing coordinating denim looks.

Moretz later told PEOPLE that their short time apart only strengthened their relationship. “I think we chose each other. I think we really understand each other,” she told reporters. “It’s been years now, off and on, and it’s just one of those things where you come back and it’s like no time was spent away from each other at all and that’s the most important thing.”

Beyoncé Protégés Chloe x Halle Drop Retro-Tinged Video for Hypnotic New Song 'The Kids Are Alright'

Who run the world? These girls!

Sister act Chloe x Halle have released a sepia-toned music video for their new song “The Kids Are Alright,” and it’s a retro-tinged delight.

The Bailey siblings — Chloe is 19, Halle 17 — star alone in the understated video, in which they sing and play with a vintage camcorder. The simple, no-frills production keeps the focus on the sisters’ perfect harmony and their Gen Z anthem’s empowering lyrics.

“We don’t really care about the trend you like to follow / You know what they say, they here today and gone tomorrow,” Chloe x Halle sing, later adding: “Everything is new ’cause we about that innovation / Call it how we see it we a genius generation.”

In 2013, Chloe x Halle slayed an angelic cover of Beyoncé‘s “Pretty Hurts.” Queen Bey took notice, signed the Baileys to her Parkwood Entertainment label, and their star has only grown brighter in the years since. In 2016, the pair appeared in Bey’s Lemonade visual album, went on to open for her on the European leg of the Formation World Tour and wrapped the year with an appearance on PEOPLE’s prestigious annual Ones to Watch list.

They continue to upload covers to their YouTube channel (check out their take on Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow”!), and last year Chloe x Halle released their unofficial mixtape The Two of Usperformed at Essence Festival and in New Orleans. And they’ve made a foray into television with recurring roles on the black-ish spin-off grown-ish, appearing alongside Yara Shahidi in the college-set Freeform series; the duo even recorded the sitcom’s theme song, “Grown.”

Now, Chloe x Halle are preparing to release their debut full-length album.