Woman's Love of Vino Inspires a Fun 'Wine Workout' Series: 'I'm Glad it Makes People Laugh'

Megan Vaughan loves a few key things in life: her husband, working out and wine.

One night, the radio personality from Clarksville, Tennessee, decided to combine her loves into a “wine workout.”

“I came home from the gym and I had a glass of wine, and I was like, I’m in my workout clothes still, I bet if I put a straw in my wine I could do pushups,” Vaughan tells PEOPLE. Her husband thought it was “so dumb,” but she convinced him to film it.

“I posted it to my radio station’s Facebook page, and it got like, 27 million views. So I just kept making more!” she says.

Vaughan has since worked out with dumbbells rigged with wine glasses, gone for walks with a Black Box Camelbak, rolled out her abs with sips of wine and more. She doesn’t plan out the videos ahead of time — “inspiration just randomly hits,” she says, like the one of her lifting a barbell with a wine bottle duct taped on.

“We had just moved to Tennessee and I had unpacked our weight bar. And I thought, ooh, if I stuck a bottle of wine on that I could make a video. And my husband was like, here we go again,” she says, laughing. “But he’s in the Army and he knows all these MacGyver moves, so he got it on there and we filmed it, and I’m sure our new neighbors thought we were nuts.”

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Vaughan emphasizes that her “wine workouts” are “just a joke.”

“It’s not like I really work out like that in real life,” she says. “Some people talk trash about it, saying that I’m promoting alcoholism, but it’s not. I’m very fit, I work out six days a week and I like a glass of wine at night. That’s it.”

Her only goal is to have fun.

“I’m glad that it makes people laugh,” Vaughan says. “That’s all I care about.”

(And for the record, she prefers red.)