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Trump Caught In Massive Lie As FBI Director Says White House Knew About Rob Porter Last Year

Sen. Ron Wyden grilled FBI Director Chris Wray over what and when the FBI told the White House about Rob Porter’s serial domestic violence. Wray said that the FBI gave the White House information about Porter last year. Video: When asked by Sen. Ron Wyden when the White House knew about Porter, FBI Director Christopher […]

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Daniel Ramirez Medina, detained by ICE for six weeks last year, fights to win back DACA status

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Trump administration officials from the top down keep insisting that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients have nothing to worry about, but Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have already been targeting them for arrest and deportation. Last year, Seattle resident Daniel Ramirez Medina became one of the first DACA recipients of the Trump era to be arrested by ICE, when he was swept up in a raid that was initially targeting his dad. He was finally released from custody six weeks later, but not before being falsely accused of gang affiliations and stripped of his DACA protections. Now he’s fighting to win them back:

Last year, Ramirez’s lawyers—one of whom is a DACA recipient himself—argued that Ramirez was unlawfully detained and denied due process. On Tuesday, those lawyers filed a motion for a preliminary injunction to restore Ramirez’s DACA status while the lawsuit is pending.

“Quite simply, Daniel must have his DACA status restored because it never should have been removed in the first place,” said Ethan Dettmer, a member of Ramirez’s legal team, said in a statement. “Daniel is the father of a U.S. citizen, and the government admits Daniel is not a threat to public safety, yet he was kept behind bars for six weeks and is being deprived of the ability to earn a living and support his family.”

“Daniel should have the benefits that the government promised him—the right to work and support his family and the right to not live in fear of arbitrary arrest,” Dettmer said. And it’s not just Ramirez Medina, but hundreds of thousands of other DACA recipients who signed up for the program in good faith, only to have the federal government rip the ground out from under them.

'I miss my children': A year later, one of first immigrants deported by Trump struggles in Mexico

Last February, Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, an Arizona mom of two U.S. citizens, became one of the first undocumented immigrants to be taken into custody following Donald Trump signing a series of executive orders that effectively unleashed his Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) mass deportation force. In a last-ditch effort, the nation watched as her supporters formed a ring around a convoy of vans that were exiting an ICE facility in Phoenix. Inside one of those vans was Garcia de Rayos. Her two children, at times weeping, were outside.

But the community demonstrations failed, and ICE deported Garcia de Rayos to a nation she had not called home for decades. Since arriving in Mexico, Garcia de Rayos opened a small tortilla shop using donations she received following the international publicity of the case. But with little income coming in due to surrounding competition, she can’t repair the modern but expensive machinery that has broken down since. Above all, she misses her children

After she was deported, Garcia de Rayos was reunited with her family members, many of whom she had not seen in years, including her mother and father, a sister and brother. Some she had never met, including her three nieces, who were born after she left Mexico for the United States 21 years earlier.

Being surrounded by their love helps her get through the pain of being separated from her husband and children.

She also tries to keep busy. Besides running the tortilla shop, she helps out at a stand selling cups of sliced fruit her sister and mother run in the center of town, across from the massive Catholic cathedral that anchors the town plaza.

But when darkness falls, she dreads returning to her bedroom alone.

“It is very difficult, even though I am pretty happy to be with my family here,” she says. “But once nighttime comes, I miss my children dearly.”

She points at a bed on the other side of the room, below a poster of Jesus, blond and blue-eyed, raising his hand as if giving a blessing.

“That is where my children sleep when they visit,” she says.

“At night she is tormented by the hard choices the family must face: Should her husband and American children come live with her in Mexico? Or should they stay in the United States, separated perhaps forever, clinging to hope that she may one day be allowed to legally return?” For now, Garcia de Rayos’s children,17-year-old Angel and 15-year-old Jackie, stay here and visit her during school breaks. But they shouldn’t have to move to be with their mom, because this is their country. This was Garcia de Rayos’s country, too, until the day a man who said he’d target so-called “bad hombres” was sworn into office and instead targeted a mom who just trying to work hard and provide for her kids.

Nancy Pelosi Raised Almost $50 Million For Democrats Last Year

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi continues to be a powerful fundraising figure for the Democratic Party. According to POLITICO, Pelosi raised nearly $50 million during 2017. Out of the $49.5 million total, $47.6 million went to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Pelosi raised these funds by holding 204 events in 43 cities. This is nearly […]

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Look out Berlin! TechCrunch Disrupt returns in November this year

 TechCrunch is bringing Disrupt back to Europe for the sixth time, and we’re delighted to announce that Berlin, the urban heartland of Europe’s startup scene, will once again be Disrupt’s host city in 2018. Save these Disrupt Berlin dates in your diary: 29-30 November 2018 If you ask,  “Why Berlin?” the answer is simple. Not only is Berlin still Europe’s… Read More

Need A Job? Jobstreet M’sia Says More Companies Are Hiring This Year.

  • In an annual report published by Jobstreet, 30% of employers will be hiring more this year. 
  • Both employers and employees predict a healthier hiring trend in 2018. 

If you were job seeking in 2017, then you remember how competitive the scene was. This year, the number-crunchers down in Jobstreet think there’ll be more job opportunities.

In an annual survey conducted by Jobstreet, the website found that 30% of employers will be hiring more this year. Meanwhile, 15% of employers will be continuing their hiring momentum since last year, and 5% of employers that weren’t hiring are going to be starting.

This is all thanks to a couple of factors: the diversification of jobs and skills required in the market right now, the rise of startups, local businesses spreading their wings, and the entry of foreign companies that lead to more jobs and more diverse jobs.

Despite the economic downturn for the past couple of years, it seems like local companies, both startups and otherwise, are now helping to buoy up the job scene this year. Many fresh graduates may find that a more millennial-run company suits their tastes, and more millennial-run companies are hiring as well.

Meanwhile, those who prefer a job in something more “established” can try their luck with foreign companies.

We’re currently in one of the best times to be looking for a job. The same Jobstreet report indicates January to March as the best time to be looking for jobs, with a gradual slowdown that continues into December.

This is all in tandem with the annual 9% increase of job opportunities porting over online, so not only will more companies be hiring, there will be more of them on job-seeking sites too.

The survey also introduced some interesting nuggets of wisdom.

Tips for employers

With both job seekers and employers feeling the employment high this year, Jobstreet also includes tips for a competitive hiring strategy; employees appreciate good compensation and benefits.

The top 5 benefits include:

  • Health/medical insurance
  • Transport allowance
  • Medical coverage that extends to family/dependents
  • Pension/ retirement fund
  • Flexible working hours.

“In times of increased hiring activity, employers should look into emerging needs of employees as pull factors to be competitive in talent attraction and retention. Essentially, it is important for employers to find a balance between employees’ desired benefits and offered benefits to be able to retain and attract talent,” said Chook Yuh Yng, Country Manager of JobStreet Malaysia.

The future of employment seems to be moving towards work/life balance, particularly with the rise of co-working spaces and the increasing number of companies willing to offer flexible working hours to entice good talent.

The world seems to be blowing the old employment trends wide open, and while hiring is one thing, actually enticing employees to stay is a whole new thing that today’s employers really have to explore.

After all, it seems like many traditional companies are going to be competing with startups and international companies to hire this year.

Feature Image Credit: Jobstreet

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Why Isn't Bob Costas Hosting the Olympics This Year? And Learn More About the Man Taking His Place

When NBC’s 2018 Winter Olympics primetime coverage began Thursday evening, many longtime viewers noticed a familiar face missing: sportscaster Bob Costas, who has hosted every Olympic Games since 1992.

In his place was Mike Tirico, who joined NBC in 2017 after a long career at ESPN. Tirico previously helped out on Olympic coverage during the 2016 Olympics in Rio, when he had daytime duties and hosted the closing ceremonies.

The move to replace Costas with this specific successor is fitting, since Tirico was the first student to receive the Bob Costas Scholarship at Syracuse University —  Costas’s alma mater — back in 1987.

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“It has been both a privilege and an incredible personal and professional experience to have been part of NBC’s Olympic coverage all these years,” Costas said in a statement announcing his departure last year.


“I’m especially appreciative of all the talented and dedicated people I worked for and with on those broadcasts,” he added. “I always felt that, in a certain sense, I was carrying the ball for them. It’s been a wonderful run, but I just felt now was the right time to step away and I’m grateful that NBC left that decision to me.”

Olympic viewers will be in good hands, however: Tirico has decades of experience, and has hosted a wide variety of sporting events, such as The Open, The Ryder Cup and Breeders’ Cup horse racing. He also served as play-by-play announcer for Sunday Night Football and Thursday Night Football.


In all, 65-year-old Costas has hosted 11 Olympics televised by NBC over the last three decades (he was also a late-night host at the 1988 games in Seoul). According to sports media reporter John Ourand, Costas was planning the Olympic exit since his last contract negotiations in 2012.

In his statement, Costas reflected on his Olympic hosting career, and said his favorite moment was watching legendary boxer Muhammad Ali light the flame at the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996, despite the legendary boxer having Parkinson’s disease.

“Somehow even in that condition,” Costas said, according to ABC, “he was just as charismatic and magnetic as he’s always been.”

With Costas’ Olympic duties at an end, it is probably safe to say his least favorite moment happened during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, when he famously kept up his reporting duties while battling a pinkeye that captured the nation’s attention.

“My eyes can’t get any redder, no matter what I do,” Costas joked while taking a vodka shot on air with fellow sportscaster Mary Carrillo in attempt to make light of the situation.

“I’ll drink to that!” she replied with a laugh before they both emptied their glasses.

Unknown a Year Ago, Figure Skater Bradie Tennell Makes Her Olympic Debut — and Earns a Season-Best

Bradie Tennell just — does — not — fall.

And she didn’t fall this time either: the 20-year-old made her Olympic debut on Sunday morning in the figure skating team event at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. (Just as she began, a small child was heard chanting “USA, USA, USA.”)

Skating third in the ladies’ short program at the Gangneung Ice Arena, Tennell quickly leapt to the top of the leaderboard with as technically confident a skate as she has given all season.

“I’m really happy,” she told reporters, all smiles, after competing. “I don’t think I could have asked for a better first program at the Olympics.”

Tennell’s total score of 68.94 was her best all year and kept her in the No. 1 spot for much of the competition, until a succession of skaters from Canada, Italy, Japan and Russia bumped her to fifth — but still good enough to keep the U.S. in third overall at the team event as they head into the second half.

She was hamstrung by the component score of her program, which measures skating ability, performance and interpretation, among other elements. But her technical score alone — that is, how she executed elements of her short program such as her jumps — was the second best of the group, behind only Russia.

Asked what she was thinking just before she began to skate, she tells PEOPLE: “‘You’ve done this program a million times, it’s just a million and one.’ ”

Ever focused and succinct, she says there was no thought to how she might juice up the artistic parts of her program: “No, you know here when I’m competing, I just go on autopilot. I compete like I train.”

“I get butterflies right before my music starts, but then when my music starts I kind of go on autopilot and just lose myself,” she told reporters, noting that it “felt like I was doing another program at a practice session.” (Beforehand, Tennell was seen listening to what she later explained was a mix of ’80s rock songs — some of her favorites — such as AC/DC and Boston.)

Tennell’s mother, Jean Tennell, watched her from the arena seating though they had not yet met up when Bradie spoke with reporters after her skate. “But I know she’s here supporting me,” Bradie said.

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Essentially an unknown to the broader public a year ago, Bradie, a native of the Chicago area, made her first big splash in the sport with a third-place finish at Skate America in November. She followed that up in January with a first-place victory at the national skating championships, making her one of Team USA’s best shots at a medal in figure skating this year.

“I was injured the past two years, so it really took a toll on my skating and my consistency,” she said on Sunday, adding, “Now being healthy this entire year has really made a huge difference.”

Mom Jean, a nurse, was crucial as she healed, Bradie said: “When I was down, she was there to pick me up, and her support really got me through that.”

Did Bradie ever doubt, amidst her injury, that she would see success?

“No. Never.”

Amanda Bynes Returns to Twitter to Document Dinner with Friends in First Post in Nearly a Year

She’s back!

For the first time in nearly a year, Amanda Bynes returned to Twitter on Saturday to share a sweet snap of herself enjoying dinner with two friends.

“Dinner with friends at Girasol,” the 31-year-old former Nickelodeon star wrote alongside the photo of herself and her friends smiling together at their table.

The last time Bynes used the social media platform was in April of last year, when she ended a two-month social media hiatus by posting a photo of her and an unidentified friend posing next to a large arrangement of pink and white flowers.



Even though the 31-year-old has largely kept herself out of the public eye recently, in December of last year her lawyer told Page Six that Bynes was finishing up fashion school and hoping to ease her way back into Hollywood — provided she finds the right role, of course.

“Amanda is looking forward to ringing in the new year with her close friends this year,” her lawyer revealed. “In 2018, she looks forward to completing fashion school and dipping her toe back into acting. She has had several offers but is waiting for the right one to come along for a comeback.”

RELATED VIDEO: Amanda Bynes Says She Will Return to Acting

After grappling with personal mental health issues and a string of brushes with the law — including two hit and run charges in 2012 and two DUI arrests — Bynes mostly retreated from the spotlight. But the former child actress expressed her desire to return to acting back in June of last year during her first interview in four years.

“I want to do TV, maybe a few guest spots on some shows that I’m a fan of and maybe another TV show that I’m the star of it,” she told Hollyscoop’s Diana Madison.

Bynes’ last acting credit was in 2010’s Easy A with Emma Stone. She was previously the star of sitcom What I Like About You from 2002-2006, and The Amanda Show from 1999-2002.

The former actress regained control of her finances in 2017 after her mom Lynn petitioned the court to hand them back to her. Her mom had been acting as the conservator over both her personal and financial affairs.

“The court felt, based on Amanda’s progress and her great relationship with her parents, there was no longer a need for court supervision of Amanda’s money and she and her family can handle her financial affairs privately,” her lawyer Nyree Kolanjian told PEOPLE at the time. “This was a first step in the right direction. Amanda’s doing fantastic.”