8-Year-Old Who Was Devastated After Mom's Miscarriages Helps Deliver Her New Baby Sister

Eight-year-old Brooke Davis had long dreamed of being a big sister, so she was happier than ever when she learned at the age of 3 that her mother, Kelsey, was pregnant. But that joy turned to grief when Kelsey suffered a miscarriage, leaving Brooke devastated.

“It was heartbreaking. It really hit me hard … and Brooke especially,” Kelsey, 29, tells PEOPLE. “She was so young and we had been telling her she was going to be a big sister. So she took it really hard. She was completely heartbroken.”

Kelsey says that Brooke was so crushed over the loss that neither she nor her husband Stefan, 29, told her about their next two pregnancies, which both ended in miscarriages. The family, however, welcomed a little girl, Ellie, in 2016 — Brooke was so excited, she asked to be in the delivery room.

About a year later, Kelsey learned she was pregnant again, and was eager to tell Brooke the news.

“She cried really hard. She broke down with excitement,” Kelsey says of the moments she told Brooke they were expecting. “I asked, ‘Are you scared? Are you nervous?’ She said, ‘No!’ She was just so overwhelmed with emotion.”

Brooke took her doting sister duties to a new level, asking her mother if she could help deliver her new little sister, Summer.

“It was all her idea. For Summer, she wanted to be a little bit more involved. Brooke just got so excited,” Kelsey tells PEOPLE. “She was my little helper along the way. She massaged my feet. She walked with me around the halls … she got me water. She was so sweet the entire time. She was right there with me.”

Photos of the delivery showed Brooke in tears as she lifted Summer, who still had her umbilical cord attached. Other shots showed the 8-year-old crying into her father’s arms, and placing a hand over her heart.

“It was perfect. It was the most calm, serene birth I could have ever imagined it being,” the mom of three says. “It was exactly what we wanted. Seeing Brooke there, seeing Brooke’s emotion and helping her deliver Summer, it completely just melted my heart.”

Of the experience, she adds: “Brooke is not traumatized. She’s so glad to have been there and she learned so much.”

Now, the stay-at-home mom says life is hectic with “wild child” Ellie, “sweet” Brooke and baby Summer. But Kelsey adds that Brooke is the perfect little helper.

“She is such an amazing big sister. It just blows me away how great she is,” Kelsey tells PEOPLE. “She’s just so helpful with holding the babies, getting clothes for them. She’s so sweet. She plays with them and talks with them. Ellie’s first word was ‘Brooke!’ “

Elisabeth Moss To Portray JFK's Sister Rosemary Kennedy Who Underwent a Secret Lobotomy at 23

Elisabeth Moss is set to portray one of the most mysterious members of America’s iconic political family, the Kennedys.

The Handmaid’s Tale star, 35, will bring to life the late Rosemary Kennedy, who underwent a lobotomy at the age of 23, in new film A Letter From Rosemary Kennedy.

Rosemary was one year younger than her brother President John F. Kennedy, and the third child of Joseph P. Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald’s nine children.

Director Ritesh Batra told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement, “The movies about the Kennedy family are deservedly stormy affairs, but here’s a story about the storms within all of us. This is why I am excited to tell this story and to collaborate with Elisabeth, a fabulously talented actor.

Born in 1918, Rosemary was mentally impaired and struggled to fit in with her highly ambitious family.

Her nephew, Timothy Shriver, spoke to PEOPLE in 2014 and said, “The shame of her disability was our family secret.

Shriver wrote about Rosemary in his book Fully Alive. “She grew up in a time where there was enormous shame surrounding children with special needs,” he said. Shriver is the son of Rosemary’s sister, Eunice Shriver. “People didn’t want to admit it.”

Rosemary struggled with rages and ran away in the middle of the night. At 18, she was still at the fourth-grade level while her other siblings were advancing in academia and politics.

When she was 23, her father scheduled a lobotomy without telling his wife. It had disastrous consequences as the beautiful Kennedy sister was left with the mental capacity of a toddler.

After the lobotomy, the Kennedy patriarch sent Rosemary to live at Saint Coletta’s, a Catholic facility for the mentally disabled in Jefferson, Wisconsin, where she lived for six decades.

She died there in 2005 at age 86. Her father never visited her again, and her siblings rarely spoke of her.

“I don’t know how other than just from sheer devastation he could allow her to disappear so much from his life,” Shriver said at the time. “He had to be destroyed by it. That’s the only way I can explain it. It’s an incredibly heartbreaking story of a dad trying to help his daughter and hurting her. What could be worse?”

Watch the Sweet Moment When Sister Wives’ Mykelti Brown First Sees Tony on Their Wedding Day

Nothing compares to locking eyes with your soon-to-be-husband for the first time on your wedding day!

In an exclusive clip from Sunday night’s episode of Sister Wives, Mykelti Brown reveals just how excited she was for Antonio Padron to see her for the first time on their big day.

“I’m very excited for Tony to see me,” she says, adding that her her then-fiancé had “really loved seeing me” in her wedding dress when she had first tried it on.

But even though he’d technically already seen his bride-to-be in her white dress, Brown explains that “now it’s different” because the pair would both be “all dolled up” and full of pre-wedding excitement.

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Although it’s tradition to wait to see the bride for the first time until she’s walking down the aisle, the couple decided to share that special moment with each other before the ceremony took place.

While Padron stands outside with his back facing his soon-to-be wife, Brown comes up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder, her face flushed with excitement.

“Oooh, hey babe,” he says as he turns around and immediately embraces her. “You look nice.”

And Brown can’t stop giggling as Padron continues to gush over just how good she looks.

“Do I get to kiss you now?” he finally asks.

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Brown, 20, and Padron, 23, got married in December 2016 after announcing their engagement that June.

More than 400 guests attended the ceremony — including all 23 members of Brown’s family — held at the Bloomington Country Club in Utah followed by a Mexican vintage-themed reception.

Sister Wives airs Sundays (8 p.m.) on TLC.

South Korea's President Just Shook Hands With Kim Jong Un's Sister And That's A Really Big Deal

The 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea are underway after a spectacular opening ceremony in Pyeongchang — much more on that here.

David J. Phillip / AP

The ceremony itself saw athletes from North and South Korea walk into the stadium under one unified flag, something which hasn't happened since the Winter Olympics in Turin 12 years ago. Here are ice hockey players from the unified Korean team carry the Olympic flame during the opening ceremony:

Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuters

Even more significantly, South Korea's president Moon Jae In greeted and shook hands with North Korean delegate Kim Yo Jong, who also just happens to be the sister of the North's leader Kim Jong Un.

Stringer . / Reuters

US President Donald Trump got involved in a tit-for-tat war of words with Kim John Un last year, as tensions on the peninsula rose to their highest levels for years over the North's nuclear program.

President Moon greeting Kim Yo Jong, a high ranking official in the North Korean regime who reportedly manages her brother's image and photo opportunities, would have been unthinkable even as recently as late last year.

Kim Kyung Hoon / Reuters

Her visit to Pyeongchang itself marks the first time a member of the ruling Kim dynasty has traveled to South Korea since the end of the Korean War in 1953.

Str / AFP / Getty Images

According to reports, there's a “good chance” President Moon will be invited to North Korea later this year by Kim Yo Jong – remember, a South Korean president has not visited the North for over a decade.

These are South Korean army soldiers walking on Unification Bridge, which leads to the DMZ that separates North and South.

Ahn Young-joon / AP

While on the face of things Winter Olympics diplomacy may be thriving between North and South — even though it's not clear that this will carry on once the last medal is handed out — relations in Pyeongchang are still chilly between the North Korean and US delegations.

Loic Venance / AFP / Getty Images

Vice-president Mike Pence is attending the Games but studiously ignored Kim Yo Jong at the opening ceremony, despite being seated close to her.

Odd Andersen / AFP / Getty Images

According to South Korea's Yonhap news agency he also reportedly swerved an official dinner where he could have come directly face-to-face with the North's ceremonial head of state Kim Yong Nam, who is not directly related to the ruling dynasty.

Patrick Semansky / AFP / Getty Images

Yonhap said that President Moon and Shinzo Abe, Japan's prime minister, did shake hands with Kim Yong Nam, however.

President Moon reportedly said at the event he hoped the Winter Olympics would be remembered as the “day peace began”.

Martin Bureau / AFP / Getty Images

North Korea has sent 22 athletes to the Games, and is fielding a joint women's ice hockey team with the South.

However, the opening ceremony was not shown by North Korea's state broadcaster, with patriotic songs and slogans celebrating the country's army and industries beamed on to TVs instead.

LINK: North Korea Is Attending The Winter Olympics In South Korea — But What Happens After?