Paul Ryan: Never mind I thought a super committee was a crappy idea in 2011—let's do that now!

Remember all the way back to 2011 and the Budget Control Act in which Republicans were forcing austerity on the nation? Remember how the newly-elected nutjobs who had taken over the House of Representatives—with their hero Paul Ryan as chief budget wonk—were refusing to compromise on a budget? Remember how inept then-House Speaker John Boehner was at dealing with them? Remember how they decided they could force a compromise if they created a bipartisan Super Committee of members of Congress that would solve everything? And that if they couldn’t solve everything, there would be automatic budget cuts—the sequester—that would be so painful congress would be sure to do something about it?

Yeah, that.


That’s not all→ This bill establishes a bipartisan, bicameral super committee aimed at advancing real reforms to fix our broken budget process.

— Paul Ryan (@SpeakerRyan) February 7, 2018

You probably also remember that that super committee totally failed. And we got the sequester. We got the automatic budget cuts that defense hawk Republicans have been screeching about ever since. And we’ve got a totally broken Congress that can’t manage to actually budget.

But you might not remember this: Paul Ryan refused to serve on that Super Committee. He wanted to be able to focus on his pet project—destroying Medicare—and his political future. He didn’t want to be part of a “toxic” proposal that was sure to fail. 

And here he is touting that stupid, tired, failed idea as the answer to fixing our broken budget process. He’s a fraud. And a sociopath. And utterly incapable of living up to the task at hand.