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The best and the brightest? White House plagued by high turnover and missing security clearances

Donald Trump was going to drain the swamp and staff his administration with the best people in the world. Instead …

Mr. Trump is on his second press secretary, his second national security adviser and his third deputy national security adviser. Five different people have been named communications director or served in the job in an acting capacity. The president has parted ways with his chief strategist, health secretary, several deputy chiefs of staff and his original private legal team. He is on his second chief of staff — and some wonder whether a third may be in the offing soon.

That includes the former national security adviser who’s now under indictment and cooperating with the special counsel’s investigation, the health secretary who used his previous role in Congress to push benefits for companies he invested in and who as a cabinet member burned up the private jet miles, the Mooch, and the white supremacist who the Mooch said was “trying to suck [his] own cock.” It does not appear to include the Hungarian Nazi or either of the wife-beaters. But they’re all part of the record-high staff turnover rate of 34 percent. 

Of the people who are still there:

… 30 to 40 people in the White House have yet to secure permanent security clearances a year into the administration and could potentially be unsuited to such high-level jobs. 

It’s been more than a year for some of those people, like Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, who has repeatedly revised his security clearance questionnaire.

Of course, none of them live up to the guy in the Oval Office.

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