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Chelsea icon shows why he is a fan favourite after classy gesture

Cesar AzpilicuetaCesar Azpilicueta took to Twitter to tell a young Chelsea fan that ‘he would be happy’ to send over a signed jersey Seven-year-old Reggie revealed a poster showing his admiration for Azpilicueta in the 3-0 win against West Brom READ MORE: Antonio Conte reveals recent signing is ready to play in upcoming match Even if […]

Your Heart Will Melt Watching Chadwick Boseman Receive a Valentine's Day Gift From Young Fan

Chadwick Boseman has found his Valentine.

The Black Panther actor made an appearance on Good Morning America on Monday, where he received a special gift from a fan in the audience.

A young girl gifted Boseman with a hand-cut paper heart.

“It’s Valentine’s Day!” said the actor as he got up to retrieve the gift.

Boseman gave the fan a hug as he accepted the festive present.

The little girl was clearly a big admirer of the actor, as she was dressed as his superhero character for the occasion.


Later, the two posed for a heartwarming photo together.

Boseman has already started receiving critical acclaim ahead of the release of Feb. 16 release of Black Panther.

The actor has expressed his excitement for starring in Marvel’s first black superhero movie but has said he’s making sure to keep his expectations in check.

“I hesitate to jump on that ‘Oh, it’s a movement’ thing. Because it depends on how it opens,” he previously told Mr. Porter. “I mean, it’s got to happen first, right? People need to show up and not bootleg it.”

Black Panther also stars Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o and more.

David Moyes admits he understands why Evra kicked a fan at Marseille


West Ham boss David Moyes has explained that he understands why signing Patrice Evra kicked a fan whilst playing for Marseille.

The Frenchman was set to play in the Europa League for the Ligue 1 outfit before an incident before the game.

Fans started to taunt the player and there were suggestions of racism, which prompted a response from the player.

Not only a response, the Frenchman went to confront the fans who abused him and it eventually lead to him kicking one in the head.

His contract was soon terminated by the club, leaving him a free agent before West Ham snapped him up this week.

Now, David Moyes has revealed that he has no qualms about what happened at Marseille.

“Do I have any concerns? No, not from what he told me,” said Moyes.

“He told me what happened, so none at all. It shows that he will stand up for himself and won’t take anything.

“I’d considered signing him during January as, when Arthur got sent off, I knew we were short.”

“I know him well, what he is capable of, what he will bring.

“His level of professionalism is as good as anybody’s and hopefully, we can get him ready as quickly as we possibly can.

“We have got him here to play. He could play against Watford, he’s not far away in my eyes, as he has been training.”

Patrice Evra discusses signing for West Ham in Premier League return

Moyes isn’t the only one talking about Evra’s move back to the Premier League.

The man himself has also been discussing a move which will see him rejoin his former manager in David Moyes.

Safe to say, he’s looking forward to getting back at it in the English top flight.

Click here to find out what he had to say about the move. 

(Video) Liverpool fan creates compilation of Mo Salah ruining defenders

  • Liverpool fan compiles best clips of Mohamed Salah embarrassing opposition defenders
  • Egyptian has enjoyed stunning start to second spell in England
  • Salah has scored 28 goals in 34 appearances so far this season
  • SEE MORE: Mo Salah sends dream message about life at Liverpool

One Liverpool fan has taken great pleasure from producing his own exhibition of Mohamed Salah dominating Premier League defenders in his first season at Liverpool.

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