Kim Cattrall Tells SJP ‘You Are Not My Friend’ 4 Days After Thanking Costars Following Brother’s Death

On Saturday, Kim Cattrall — who is grieving the recent death of her brother, Chrissent a message to her former Sex and the City costar Sarah Jessica Parker, telling her “You are not my friend” and “I don’t need your love and support at this tragic time.”

Cattrall confirmed on Sunday that her 55-year-old brother Chris had been found dead — just hours after asking fans to help find him after he went missing in Canada.

After learning of the tragedy, Parker had reached out to her privately and had written a supportive comment on social media: “Dearest Kim, my love and condolences to you and yours and Godspeed to your beloved brother. Xx.”

It initially appeared Cattrall was receptive to Parker’s messages of condolences, thanking her and other SATC colleagues for “the outpouring of support for myself and my family” on Twitter Tuesday.

Cattrall began criticizing her former SATC costars last year after Parker revealed that plans for a third SATC movie had been scrapped. Sources said that Cattrall’s demands had derailed the project; Cattrall denied this, saying she never agreed to do the film. In October she told Piers Morgan that she’s “never been friends” with her SATC costars.

Parker has not responded to Cattrall’s Saturday Instagram post, but she did address Cattrall’s previous remarks to PEOPLE last week during an interview for an upcoming story about her HBO show Divorce, her new Gap Kids line and other projects.

“I never responded to the conversation that Kim had with Piers Morgan, where she said things that were really hurtful about me,” Parker tells PEOPLE. “I don’t want to answer it, that’s not how I feel about her. I think of her as part of this experience and it was amazing. We had a connection with the audience, and we had a connection with this city and with this crew and we got to tell these crazy stories with each other. And I don’t want to mess with that.”

Parker says that after Cattrall’s brother went missing earlier this month, “I rang and I didn’t get her and I texted her. And then when I learned he passed I reached out. I can’t imagine what it’s like for her right now.”

Skeleton Remains of Three Children Found in a Shed Are Not Those of Missing Brothers

The remains of three children discovered in the shed of a Montana home last year are not connected to three missing brothers from Michigan.

A forensic examination of the bone fragments found they are over 99 years old, according to the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office.

“Anthropologists were conclusively able to exclude the remains of the aforementioned children,” the sheriff’s office said on Friday.

The Skelton brothers — Tanner, 5, Alexander, 7, and Andrew, 9 — were last seen on November 26, 2010, in front of father John Skelton’s Morenci home. After Skelton didn’t return the boys to the house of their mother, from whom he was separated, he told police “he gave the boys to unknown individuals,” a claim police did not find credible.

He is currently serving 10 to 15 years in prison after pleading no contest to three counts of unlawful imprisonment in September 2011.

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When bone fragments were found in September, authorities launched an investigation to see if they were connected to the Skelton brothers. The Sheriff’s Office sent the remains to the University of North Texas Center for Human Identification.

The boys’ mother, Tanya Zuvers, has continued to buy Christmas, Birthday and Easter gifts for her sons in the hope they would one day come home, according to the Detroit News.

Recently, Skelton gave an interview with local 4 TV news saying he gave his sons to a man and two women driving a light-colored van to live on a farm in Ohio, near the Indiana border.

He told the boys they would have a better life with a new family, who would buy them the farm boots they’d been asking for and would let them ride on a tractor whenever they wanted.

Skelton said in the interview that he was a good dad and “would never hurt my boys or anyone.”

He said that on the last night he was with them, he made their favorite meal of fried chicken and cake to celebrate Andrew’s birthday and watched a karate movie at home with them.

He added, “I miss their voices.”

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The boys’ mother, Tanya Zuvers, responded to Skelton’s interview, telling PEOPLE, “My initial thought is what he is saying is still more lies.”

Zuvers added, “He’s had six years to perfect his story before agreeing to meet with a reporter.”

It is unknown where the boys are or if they’re still alive.

From Flea Market To Retail Stores – How 3 Brothers Scaled Up Their Salted Egg Fish Skin Biz

From the music that greets you at every shopping mall – you’ll know it’s that time of the year again.

Even if you’re not one to go shopping, a visit to your friendly neighbourhood supermarket would already hint its arrival.

Yes, the calorie-laden Chinese New Year season is impending, and so is the pressure for many to stockpile their houses with sufficient snacks for guests.

For the more traditional households, pineapple tarts and bak kwa are the way to go; but ‘new wave’ CNY snacks like deep fried crab sticks and salted egg fish skin are also crowd pleasers.

And it seems like more and more F&B companies are coming up with their own versions of the latter, in a fierce competition for market share.

One of these competitors is Snacky & Crisps, a family-run startup that bravely ventured into the cutthroat world of F&B with 1 product – salted egg fish skin snacks.

When A Chef Meets An Engineer And Business Development Officer

Image Credit: Snacky & Crisps

Founded by 3 Singaporean brothers, aged 27 to 33, Snacky & Crisps was formed out of a love for local cuisine, but also the realisation that there was a lack of “gourmet yet traditional” local snacks available in the market.

More than that, the brothers always wanted to have “something to call their own”.

But what may come as a surprise is that the brothers all have varying backgrounds.

Kenny (33), the eldest of the 3, was formerly an Assistant Principal Engineer, Kayson (27) was previously a Business Development Officer, and Johnathan (30), was a chef – and the one behind the recipe.

Unsurprisingly, the roots of Snacky & Crisps stemmed from a family gathering in 2015, where “they contemplated seriously about the idea” of creating a recipe for salted egg snacks “that would be superior to the incumbents through the usage of premium, natural ingredients without any preservatives or MSG”.

Image Credit: Snacky & Crisps

“As they always say, the rest was history.”

Each brother also has a particular role to play in the operation.

Kenny pumped in the initial capital and eventually took over kitchen operations; Kayson takes the lead on business development and marketing, and Johnathan is in charge of recipe and product R&D.

6 Months Of Trial And Error Before Getting The Perfect Recipe

In mid-2015, Snack’cy (its first name) was formed, and the brothers sold their first packet of salted egg fish skin to the public at a flea market in early 2016.

If you’re wondering why it took so long from inception to first sale, it’s because finalising the recipe was a process that took 6 gruelling (and jelak) months of trial and error.

“John naturally took lead during the initial creation process given his culinary background, while the other 2 brothers played the role of guinea pigs.”

Image Credit: Snacky & Crisps

Failures were aplenty during the trial and error process that also brought about many anecdotes. The brothers ate so much fish skin that they were literally sick of the sight of fish.

“At the end of the day, the one who suffered the most was their mum, who had to see her beloved kitchen reduced to becoming a laboratory.”

But even after perfecting their unique recipe, standing out from competitors was the tricky part.

“Back in 2015, there were 2-3 prominent brands – Irvin’s Salted Egg and Golden Duck being the lead at that time – specialising in salted egg snacks. Honestly, we didn’t do much to stand out back then as we lacked the marketing expertise and background.”

With all holding onto their full-time jobs, it was also difficult for them to concentrate their efforts on their budding business.

Image Credit: Snacky & Crisps

“That has changed since [they left their jobs], and they now dedicate all their time to the business. They have also decided to engage the services of a boutique digital marketing agency – The Social Steward, to spearhead their digital marketing efforts.”

“Countless Rejections, Even From Friends And Family”

But the road to success isn’t smooth, and they admit that the greatest challenge was getting the masses to try their product.

More than just facing rejection from consumers, they had to endure the same treatment from friends and family members “whom they thought would lend some support”.

Another challenge they faced was in terms of the supply of quality fish skin, an inevitable problem given the sheer number of players entering the market with their own version of the snack.

Not wanting to let their customers down, Kayson immediately “rallied all the contacts he had, and after weeks of non-stop calls and meetings, he eventually managed to secure an additional fish skin supplier”.

He also noted that in their journey so far, they are “fortunate to have received some help from their distribution partners with regards to working capital”.

Image Credit: Snacky & Crisps

For Snacky & Crisps, their main marketing strategies are via digital marketing and word-of-mouth.

The latter has been particularly important because they are “endorsements from consumers to their friends and family members”.

“The hit rate of our customers being exposed to our product from food sampling to advocacy is pretty high, and this is something which we are not taking advantage of so far.”

To leverage on this, they intend to further build up awareness of their brand via roadshows and opening more distribution channels so customers can taste their products wherever they are.

Currently, they’re not just an online business – they’re also stocked at Fairprice Finest and Discover Singapore (Changi Airport) outlets.

Stockist at Discover Singapore / Image Credit: Snacky & Crisps

They are also in talks to get more stockists on board – an example being convenience stores.

On 11 Feb, they’re also due to launch their flagship store at The Midtown (also home of influencer Bong Qiu Qiu’s cereal cafe), where customers can pick up online orders or grab-and-go the snacks.

The brothers estimate they sell an average of hundred packets per day, about 50% increment as compared to 2016, and this varies accordingly to seasonality.

New Flavours, Pocket-Friendly Snacks

Not wanting to be a one-trick pony, they’ve also recently released laksa-flavoured potato chips – just in time for the Chinese New Year period.

Laksa potato chips / Image Credit: Snacky & Crisps

Can we expect more local-cuisine inspired flavours from them soon?

Definitely! In fact, there are already intentions to “step up on R&D and regularly launch new and innovative flavours to differentiate themselves from competitors”.

They also pride themselves to be “very open to constructive feedback from customers and are willing to incorporate feedback to improve their product”, so do feel free to share with them your comments!

As for future plans, they’re also planning to start selling smaller-sized, more pocket-friendly versions of their snacks, so that you can munch away without the worry of overeating.

When the snacks are that addictive, stopping at a few pieces is definitely impossible – trust me, I’ve tried.

Check out Snacky & Crisps at their Facebook page here, where a 1-for-1 promotion is happening from 11 Feb to 14 Feb!

Snacky & Crisps
1187 Upper Serangoon Road, The Midtown
#01-44, Singapore 533971

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How to Build a Work Wardrobe at… Brooks Brothers

Welcome to today’s installment in our ongoing series, How to Build a Work Wardrobe At ___, based around the idea that if you’re ordering from a new-to-you store online, it’s great to be able to consider all the bestsellers/classics/hits at once. Today, we’re looking at how to build a work wardrobe at Brooks Brothers — you can also check out how to build a work wardrobe at Lands’ EndTalbots, and Boden (and eventually view the entire series on how to build a work wardrobe).women's classics to buy at brooks brothers

Brooks Brothers is a bastion of classic, sophisticated dressing, with a bit of a New England, WASPy, academic, preppy vibe, and if you’re looking for a place to get started with workwear, this is a great option if your budget allows. Particularly if you’ve been struggling with trying to dress appropriately and conservatively enough for work, Brooks Brothers is an excellent place to get familiar with — it can be fun in that preppy sort of way, but it’s all appropriate for the office.

We’ll go through a few of Brooks Brothers’ classic pieces below, but you should know that in general they have great clearance sales, and their much more affordable line, Red Fleece, is designed for younger women and is a little more playful and fun in terms of their twinsets, suits, dresses, and more. Another thing to note at the outset is that their accessories section has great brooches, necklaces, and a lot of other good accessories like simple, chic pumps, and handbags (especially check these during BB’s excellent clearance sales).

This post contains affiliate links and Corporette® may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support!

We’ve previously mentioned Brooks Brothers’ non-iron dress shirts, which have a great, classic look. They offer fitted, classic-fit, and tailored-fit versions in regular and petite sizes, and you can often find them on sale for 2 for $99, or 4 for $200. They’re machine washable, too. You should definitely consider these if you’re looking for dress shirts that are easy to care for. Non-Iron Dress Shirts
As you might expect with a place like Brooks Brothers, they have a nice selection of classic twinsets — it’s a key place to go, whether you want to wear the pieces separately or together. You can choose merino, cashmere, silk-cashmere blend, or cotton — and keep in mind that every season brings new colors, including interesting jacquard patterns and other cool things to freshen up your work wardrobe, all with that Brooks Brothers quality, of course.
This shawl collar sweater, which Brooks Brothers has been making for years, comes in a bunch of colors. It makes a great bottom layer underneath a suit, and it has a flattering V-neck that won’t make you worry about revealing any cleavage. The sweater is $148 full price, but keep an eye out — it often goes on sale for $88, as it is right now in a bunch of colors and sizes. Shawl Collar Sweaters
The cashmere ruana is priced as high as $3,000–$4,000 for some versions, but you can sometimes — for example, right now — find it on sale for $299 or lower. (The wool ruana from Red Fleece is on sale for $136.) It’s a great basic to keep in your office if you need another layer on top of a blazer (see our post on nine ways to use an office wrap). I finally got one after recommending them for years, and will note that that it’s more of a jacket than a wrap in that it has a definite collar. I wear mine all the time, even with more casual outfits. Cashmere Ruana
Obviously, Brooks Brothers is known for its suits, and their offerings include timeless classics and “new” classics (as well as some more “fun” options now that Zac Posen is their creative director). If you’re looking for an easy, basic, high-quality suit, do check them out, because they deliver time and time again, particularly with sheath dresses and other pieces with nice details, like work-appropriate hemlines, and sleeves. I definitely recommend Brooks Brothers’ suiting.

Readers, are you devotees of Brooks Brothers, Red Fleece, or some of their other lines (like their belated Black Fleece line with Thom Browne?) What’s your favorite thing that you’ve bought there — and do you have any great sale stories to regale us with?

Brooks Brothers is a classic spot for workwear -- and there are some GREAT things even young professional women can get. We rounded up our favorites to help you build your work wardrobe at Brooks Brothers....

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Brothers Osborne 'Hope We Can Help Heal Something' with Their Emotional Grammys Tribute Performance

The Brothers Osborne took the Grammys stage for the first time this year, but T.J. Osborne said he wasn’t worried about fighting his nerves. He was more concerned about keeping his emotions in check.

The reason: Joined by Eric Church and Maren Morris, he and brother John Osborne paid tribute to the victims of violence at live music events last year, including the 58 country music fans killed at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. The brothers, Morris and Church all performed at the Las Vegas event before the night of the shooting on Oct. 1.

“There’s a lot of nerves around playing the Grammys because you’re in front of the upper echelon of all genres there in one room,” T.J., 33, told PEOPLE ahead of the performance. “I think I’ll be far more emotional than I will be nervous, and so that’s my worry – actually just getting through the performance in that regard.”

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Nominated for the third time for best country duo/group performance, the brothers — who will release their sophomore album, Port Saint Joe, on April 20 — spoke late last month during a press conference in Nashville to promote their upcoming tour with Dierks Bentley.

John Osborne, 35, said he felt “very, very fortunate to be able to play on the Grammys, especially with Eric and Maren, who are two very good friends of ours.” Like his brother, he focused on the greater significance of the occasion: “The most important” aspect of the performance, he said, was simply to “honoring the victims and their families.”

“I just hope at the end of the day we can help heal something at least a little bit,” he added.

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Be sure to check out PEOPLE’s full Grammys coverage to get the latest news on music’s big night.

Neither hinted at what song the four artists would be performing, but it was soon revealed to be the Eric Clapton classic “Tears in Heaven,” written for the guitarist’s late son.

“We considered a number of songs,” Ken Ehrlich, executive producer of the Grammys, told the Associated Press. “We wanted something that is universal. We wanted something that spoke to the subject, which certainly this song does. When you listen to the lyric, this one certainly stood out.”