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White House had big plans to promote serial wife beater Rob Porter before his history went public

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Rob Porter was so exemplary, he was up for a promotion. That news came just after FBI Director Christopher Wray confirmed Tuesday during testimony that the White House knew for months about the former staff secretary’s history of domestic violence. Nonetheless, he was in “serious discussions” to take on bigger roles in Donald Trump’s West Wing, writes CNN:

Porter had been actively lobbying to take on new policy portfolios outside the traditional scope of the staff secretary, one person familiar with the matter said, which included speechwriting duties and a role in planning policy rollouts. Neither of those tasks is traditionally carried out by the staff secretary.

One of the areas Porter was set to delve further into was trade policy, according to the person. Porter was a regular attendee at a weekly trade meeting among top-level administration officials.

He was also being considered for the deputy chief of staff position, another source familiar with the situation said.

John Kelly was reportedly one of Porter’s biggest fans and wanted to be sure he was “being used to his full potential.”

Kelly “definitely wanted to expand his role,” a source familiar tells CNN.

Trump will almost surely have someone’s head over this, as he doesn’t look kindly on bad press generated by others. He prefers being he sole source of his own humiliation.

As the fallout from the Porter scandal has stretched into a new week at the White House, a frustrated President Donald Trump has spent his days phoning allies and associates for advice on how to handle negative coverage, sources familiar with the conversations say.

Trump’s also got that sads that the main focus of his “agenda” might be hampered by the exit of key abusers on his staff.

He is particularly concerned with advancing his immigration proposals, a policy objective that has been helmed by Kelly.

And by “immigration proposals,” he means “deportations.” 

Trump Just Made The Rob Porter Scandal Worse By Defending The Wife Beater On National TV

While speaking from the White House, Trump said that Rob Porter is very sad that he was fired for beating his ex-wives and the President Of The United States made it clear that he thinks Porter is innocent and the women are lying. Video: Trump wishes wife beater Rob Porter well and makes it clear […]

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Epic botching of White House wife beater case forces Kelly to clarify that domestic violence is bad

Top White House staff are such a mess over their mishandling of wife-beating former staff secretary Rob Porter that they can’t quite decide if he resigned or was fired. But the mishandling part? That is crystal clear. People in the White House had known for months about Porter, and yet they managed to be forced into multiple story changes and backtracking when the story broke, as if it was entirely new news.

While Chief of Staff John Kelly has taken most of the heat for the series of screw-ups—and earned that heat—he’s not the only senior aide who had a chance to do the right thing and get ahead of a damaging story simultaneously: White House counsel Don McGahn also knew about Porter.

But boy, John Kelly. Politico reports that Kelly had decided weeks ago that aides who didn’t get full security clearance would be fired. Yet even though he knew that Porter would be denied security clearance, Kelly not only didn’t fire Porter ahead of the reports of his history of abuse, he stood by him as the first reports came out, describing Porter in glowing terms. Even Kelly’s walkback of his initial support for Porter specified that “I stand by my previous comments of the Rob Porter that I have come to know.”

On Thursday, Kelly apparently felt it necessary to clarify to White House staff that domestic violence is bad, in an email saying that “I want you to know that we all take matters of domestic violence seriously. Domestic violence is abhorrent and has no place in our society.” Which … when your support for an abuser forces you to make sure that everyone knows you think domestic violence is bad, you can take that as a sign that you screwed up along the way.

Many of the scandals coming out of this White House have come straight from Donald Trump. We spend a lot of time talking about how difficult it is for his staff to have a consistent message when he might undermine it in a tweet 10 minutes later, and how Trump promotes infighting among staff. But in this case, Trump genuinely seems to have been out of the loop, reminding us once again that the staff he’s handpicked are both terrible people and very well capable of screwing things up all on their own.

Trump Chief Of Staff John Kelly Tried To Convince Wife Beater Rob Porter Not To Quit

Senior White House officials including Chief of Staff John Kelly tried unsuccessfully to convince White House staff secretary not to resign after two of his ex-wives came forward with abuse allegations. After The Daily Mail published two stories about the abuse, Axios reported that senior officials in the White House tried to convince Porter to […]

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After a delay, Trump's chief of staff decides he's 'shocked' about White House wife beater

Here’s what a good old boys network looks like: Rob Porter, Donald Trump’s staff secretary, resigned after reports surfaced that he’d abused both of his ex-wives. Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly knew about a 2010 protective order against Porter by wife number two, which prevented Porter from getting the security clearance he should have needed to do his job, but Kelly did his best to stand by Porter until public outrage forced him to change his tune. Porter’s resignation, which was initially on a “sometime, eventually” kind of basis, abruptly changed on Wednesday night to a tomorrow (Thursday) kind of thing, and Kelly had to back off his glowing description of Porter.

 Kelly—who, again, knew about the 2010 protective order and who was reportedly one of several White House officials to know about the allegations before they were reported in the media—responded to the first stories about Porter’s history of abuse by saying:

“Rob Porter is a man of true integrity and honor, and I can’t say enough good things about him. He is a friend, a confidante and a trusted professional. I am proud to serve alongside him,” Kelly told the Daily Mail. The White House sent reporters the same statement again on Wednesday.

So you can beat your wives and still be a man of true integrity and honor, according to John Kelly. As long as you’re a white Republican man with a square jaw, anyway. John Kelly was proud to serve alongside a man who did this to his first wife:

‘He would throw me down on the bed, then put his full body weight on top of me, then grind a knee or elbow into my body, expressing rage.’ […]

The violence escalated to where Porter was choking his wife.

‘It was not hard enough for me to pass out but it was scary, humiliating and dehumanizing,’ she said.