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People Are Curling With Their Robot Vacuums And It Is Rather Wonderful

South Korea has become a fan of curling during the Winter Olympics, which has given rise to lots of hilarious videos.

So, fans are trying curling the only way they can – yep, robot vacuums.

Instagram: @d5

People are sharing videos of them imitating the weirdly addictive sport. And it’s having great side affects! Parents are finding new ways of getting their kids to sweep up.

Instagram: @ats3198

Future Olympians are being made.

Instagram: @k_eunhasu1004

And future curling stones.

Instagram: @gimnari1012

The meme has even broken out of living rooms and houses. People are curling in roller discos.

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Instagram: @ljs_km

And it’s bringing families together

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A perfect meme to sum up everyone’s unexplainable obsession right now.

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This post was translated from French.