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How a Pro Athlete Really Eats to Stay in Shape

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photo from sassy kitchen As a cyclist who used to ride 50-100 miles every weekend, I know first-hand that how you fuel on and off the bike is key to performance and recovery. However, in the past year, I’ve swapped those weekend rides for lots of travel, filled with important meetings, speaking opportunities, and shorter workouts. I’m busier than ever and my body often times feels more drained than it did after a 50-mile ride. While I try to fuel properly and my keep brain function in tip-top shape (hello MCT oil), I can always do better. So, I tapped former pro-athlete and present-day chef and cyclist Lentine Alexis to help guide us on how we should approach food for performance. Lentine and I met through our ambassadorship with Rapha, and her easy and accessible approach to food has always appealed to me — plus, she posts the most gorgeous …see the slideshow here

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