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Men Using Dating Apps

How to Attract Quality Men Using Dating Apps

Quality matters a lot so same is the case with the quality men that “How to attract quality men using different dating apps?” Well, it’s a bit difficult task to be done. As to attract the quality men isn’t easy as long as you use a different kind of dating app. There is another dating app i.e. POF which is a social networking website created in 2003.

In this very article, we will give you me some tips that how you can easily attract quality men using dating app. As there are millions of dating app through you can easily make a relationship with one other without any hesitation.

As mentioned that there are so many different websites but some people find it useful and some people are not. To attract the quality men isn’t possible by a few dating apps it’s your way of communication to them. As we will explain that how you can attract quality men using different dating app, we will also explain some of the best dating apps through which you can easily find the perfect and quality men for you.


Tinder is one of the best and free dating app which offers you to find the quality men around you. As this dating app helps you to find the person around you. You can connect to near people with the help of this app and if you are interested in each other’s then you can carry on your relationship. But if you both aren’t interested in each other than you can pass on to the other people.

This is one of the best dating apps also the free app through which you can attract the quality men in a very friendly way.

How about me:

In this dating app, you can sign up your profile and can add your data to the profile to find the right person for you. This dating app helps you to find the quality men by adding some relevant information in the profile and ask some question that what kind of men you want to have a relation with the person.


Hinge uses some matching algorithm to find the quality men for you. It has a romance graph through which you find the compatible person that matches you. It pulls your Facebook information to that specific app and that will help you out to have the men that match with the job you’re doing and other information related to lifestyle.

Coffee meets bagel:

One of the busiest dating app of all time. This dating app looks for a meaningful relationship, as we all know that nowadays many people make a relationship just for the time pass. But no this app will help you to find the meaningful relationships and through this, you can easily find the quality men using their methodology.

These are some dating apps through which you can attract quality men. As all the dating apps have their own function and their different methodology will help you to find quality men.

Laser Treatments Vs. Microneedling: Which Is Right For You?

When it comes to the pursuit of flawless skin, we’re living in an exciting time of new treatment options. That said, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless products and therapies on the market. Camille’s dermatologist, Elizabeth Geddes-Bruce of Westlake Dermatology, helps us navigate those options to discover our best skin, and is a fan of both laser treatments and microneedling to help patients get smoother and brighter with that youthful glow. We sat down with Dr. Geddes-Bruce to talk about the differences between two of the hottest skin resurfacing treatments around: microneedling and laser therapy. Which one is right for you? Read on to find out: featured image via pinterest …see the slideshow here

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Tuesday’s Workwear Report: Wool Sheath Dress

Our daily workwear reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

This wool sheath dress from Brooks Brothers looks like a great basic for the office. I love the subtle diamond jacquard fabric as well as all of the darts and other seaming that elevates this a bit from the basic black sheath dress. It comes in both black and navy in regular and petite sizes 0–16 and is $298. (Don’t forget to check out our recent roundup of how to build a work wardrobe at Brooks Brothers!) Wool Sheath Dress

Here’s a lower-priced option that comes in misses, petites, woman, and woman petites at Talbots — also in both black and navy.

This post contains affiliate links and Corporette® may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support!

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A Valentine’s Day Dinner Party You Have to See to Believe

Timothy Corrigan's Paris Flat

For regular readers, Timothy Corrigan needs no introduction. Our behind-the-scenes look into a holiday dinner party at his French chateau years ago is still buzzed about; his springtime al fresco lunch gave us total landscaping envy; and his casually elegant Easter brunch gave us a first glimpse into Timothy’s West Coast home. Oh, and as unofficial president of the Timothy Corrigan fan club, I even went so far as to get married at his Loire Valley property last year… now that’s dedication. I’ve always known that Timothy and I were kindred spirits, but today’s story makes it official. There’s no holiday that I love more than Valentine’s Day, and it turns out that our favorite francophile interior designer feels the same way. How’s he celebrating this year? The only way he knows: with close friends around a beautifully set formal dining table, his newly renovated Paris flat a most amorous setting. Ready for some jaw-dropping inspiration? Keep …see the slideshow here

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20 Best Valentine’s Day Movies for the Single Girl

Favorite Valentine's Day Movies | Breakfast at Tiffany's

If Valentine’s Day really was invented solely to torture single people, one might argue that the entire romantic comedy genre is intended to see them through. Having lived through our share of solo February 14ths, everyone in this office knows the power of a feel-good movie when you need it. We put our heads together to come up with our all time favorite Valentine’s Day flicks — movies that make us laugh, feel good, and renew our hope in love. It’s ironic — when you have a boyfriend you’ll rarely get to watch these movies any more. So if you happen to have complete power over the remote control this week, take advantage with one of our twenty favorite films that met our strictest Valentine’s Day requirement: a happy ending.     …see the slideshow here

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The Student’s Suicide Was A Tragedy—How Media Handled It Made It Worse

  • A teenager committed suicide after being accused of stealing an iPhone. She denied the theft in her suicide note. 
  • Investigations are ongoing, but certain media wrongfully reported that CCTV footage confirmed that the teen did steal the phone. The police have denied it. 
  • This highlights problems with the local media environment and the public that encourages this behaviour. 

On the 27th of January, news broke that 13-year-old Vasanthapiriya had locked herself inside her room and attempted to hang herself with a shawl. On that day, her teacher had taken Vasanthapiriya home after holding the student responsible for a missing iPhone.

Allegedly, a group of teachers had grilled Vasanthapiriya about the incident, and were said to have confined her for hours.

Vasanthapiriya repeatedly denied having stolen the phone. She’s since passed away from the injuries sustained.

When a tragic incident like Vasanthapiriya’s happens, tensions run high. The situation culminated in the loss of a life, and the public is shaken by the circumstances that led to her demise.

The ongoing case is now under police investigation—a very public one.

The whole proceeding has really highlighted the issues that have been dogging our current media landscape. It’s a cascade from the source to the readers, and all of it has culminated into an unhealthy environment where fake news flourishes.

The Media

How the news media reports facts can influence what we think about any incident.

Almost every news piece you’ve ever read has a certain amount of storytelling that goes into it—this can build up to form a bias. Even if the reporting is strictly on a factual event, the words used, the tone, and even the photos paired up with the headlines can shift perceptions.

Some parties argue that there’s no such thing as objectivity in journalism. Everyone’s got a point of view, and that reflects in the news that we tell.

As readers, it’s our responsibility to parse through a news piece to determine what is fact, what is conjecture, and what is opinion, and then decide what we want to believe.

This is why it’s so important for news media to present the facts as-is. This way, readers can cut through any biases and still be able to form their own opinions.

Unfortunately, that trust has been broken in an update on Vasanthapiriya’s case over the weekend thanks to headlines that jumped the gun.

When news broke that “CCTV footage shows Vasanthapiriya taking iPhone“, it was not only shared all across social media, but even referenced by other news outlets.

However, this has since been debunked by the police. In a statement released, they highlighted that the poor quality of the video is hindering the police from verifying the footage. This means that whether Vasanthapiriya was shown to have stolen the phone is still unconfirmed, contrary to the headlines that had been making their way around.

“We need the forensics expert to further enhance to see who it is. So until then we cannot comment. At the moment whatever people write, or even speak about it, cannot be confirmed.”
– Penang police chief Datuk A. Thaiveegan

Since then, Vasanthapiriya’s parents have rightfully called out some news publications for spreading conjecture about their daughter.

An important trust has been breached here, and it has negatively impacted both the affected parties, and the public.

And what is our responsibility as media?

It’s clear. One piece of false news can lead other media to report on the same news, and this results in a series of falsehoods that hurts everyone.

Media has the responsibility to determine truth before sending off another piece of news lest misinformation is spread. Having made a mistake, once we know otherwise, we should amend their mistakes and own up.

Of course, that might not completely end the misinformation, but that shows that the media outlet is taking an active stance to keep to the truth.

The Public

Since the rise of social media, it’s been a lot easier to rally the disjointed public into a specific cause. Good has come from this before. You might think the Ice Bucket Challenge is lame, but it helped raise money for breakthrough ALS research. I’d count that as a win.

Unfortunately, we don’t always rally for the right causes.

Our courts can only truly be fair and just with an important assumption—innocent until proven guilty. The public is not beholden to such responsibilities.

Netizens have a tendency to start punishing the “sinners” before anything is confirmed by the court of law.

Vasanthapiriya was “shown” to have taken the phone in a short amount of time; yet the teacher in the case still receive death threats.

If the public is so ready to condemn the teacher before she’s confirmed to have done anything, then we’re undermining the processes to determining guilt, set in place by the laws of the land.

This wouldn’t be the first time netizens jumping the gun caused someone’s life to implode over false accusations.

Too many netizens take assumptions and conjecture as fact. Rumours were rife about the status of the phone itself (that the teacher found it and was seen holding it spread like wildfire).

But you’re also responsible for other things.

The reason why news media is tempted to go with “edgy” titles is that these are the pieces that get them the most eyeballs.

This is the kind of clickbait and outrage that ill-reputed publications like The Daily Mail thrive in. And the readers are as much to blame for not just reading such “news” but also sharing it widely.

What is our responsibility then?

Once the full news of the CCTV footage broke, there were a lot of comments calling out various publications for reporting wrong news.

This helps the public keep a publication’s previous misdeeds in mind and serves as a warning to the publication: If they report on wrong or sensationalised information, they’re going to get called out on it.

And for daily practicality, if a source of news has been shown to be consistently unreliable in the past, maybe think before hitting that share button.

The Influencers

Not pretty girls posing in cafés, but instead people of influence—ministers, experts, leaders, etc.

The Deputy Education Minister Datuk P. Kamalanathan verbally confirmed that Vasanthapiriya had cut her wrists in 2016, and that the report had been submitted to the police. Vasanthapiriya’s father has denied those statements, saying that there are no police reports or hospital records from that time to show this happened.

When you are someone who carries influence and clout among your constituents, remember that your words carry deeper weight. Things that influencers say go far and wide, so it is important that they ensure facts are accurate before speaking.

What can the influencers do better?

In a delicate case like this, influencers need to think about what they’re adding to the conversation. There’s a lot of conjecture flying around and there’s potential for wrong conclusions to form, especially since the investigations are still ongoing.

The sorry state of how information flows in our nation has real impact. So far, an already grieving family is facing more grief than they need to because we don’t use media properly. And this is not okay.

As investigations continue, we as a nation would do well to learn from the undue difficulties all of this have caused and begin doing better to everyone.

Feature Image Credit: Malay Mail

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SMEs Are Our Future, So The FinLab Expands Its Accelerator Programme To Help Them Grow

Many entrepreneurs and business people say Singapore is one of the best places in the world to do business.

There is no lack of government grants and subsidies, or mentorships and workshops for first-time entrepreneurs who are striking it out on their own or with their partners.

But small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore are getting left out and are getting disrupted by the new kids on the block with their technology-driven solutions and modern business models.

So, this is where The FinLab comes in.

They have announced yesterday (12 February) the launch of the third cycle of its accelerator programme that aims to help SMEs with digital transformation by linking them up with “curated technology solution providers”.

Providing An Access To Tools And Resources For SMEs

The FinLab is a joint venture between United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB) and SGInnovate, a government-backed venture catalyst.

Since its inception in 2015, it has conducted two cycles of accelerator programmes that focused on supporting selected FinTech startups to grow the FinTech ecosystem in Singapore.

This time, they decided to focus on SMEs in Singapore because they noticed that they have been slow in keeping up with the times and transforming their businesses digitally.

They found two key barriers for the slow uptake: the lack of interoperability between solutions installed, and the lack of support from the vendors they got these solutions from.

Managing Director of The FinLab, Mr Felix Tan / Image Credit: The FinLab

Managing Director of The FinLab, Mr Felix Tan, said, “As these start-ups become more advanced in their business models, there is a need to help them commercialise by connecting them with potential customers who require technology solutions.”

“We’ve also seen that SMEs want to innovate but may not know where and how to start,” he added.

Image Credit: SPRING Singapore

According to The FinLab, SMEs make up 99 per cent of all local enterprises, employ two-thirds of the national workforce, and contribute to nearly half of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

“Stronger SMEs will make our economy more resilient to cyclical downturns,” Mr Tan stated.

Forming the demand side of things, this cycle for SMEs aims to grow revenues and increase productivity through business model innovation, the use of data analytics, and the adoption of an integrated suite of curated solutions.

At the same time, on the supply side of things, selected solution providers can benefit from the increased adoption of their solutions, co-creating with the selected SMEs to widen their product offerings, and the potential to reach regional SME markets.

Selected SMEs are not limited to tools and resources from curated tech solution providers as The FinLab will support with the implementation of the solutions.

Should these SMEs require more assistance after the accelerator programme, “The FinLab is open to extending their support further,” Mr Tan told me.

If participants have expansion aspirations, this programme enables them to take advantage of UOB’s regional presence and SGInnovate’s global linkages to achieve that.

The Path To Digitalisation

Eight SMEs from specifically the F&B, retail, wholesale trade, and logistics industries will be chosen to participate in this four-months long programme which will begin by end-March.

To qualify, these SMEs should have a turnover of S$10 million to S$25 million, but more importantly, their owners and management team should have a few important qualities.

Mr Tan explained that leaders have to be open-minded to feedback and solutions, be willing to change, and are able to provide resources who can commit to the programme in order to see optimal results.

Tech firms will pitch the solutions to these selected SMEs in the first month.

The FinLab’s guidelines on selecting these solution providers include their interoperability, affordability, the number of SME clients they’ve worked with before, and the functionality and practicality of their solutions to these non-tech savvy business owners.

The remaining three months will be spent on implementing the solutions and preparing for the showcase which is expected to happen in August 2018.

The programme is worth more than $100,000, but The FinLab is working with relevant government agencies to provide grants to help defray the costs of adoption.

Financial costs are a total of $12,000 for each SME for the four months.

The FinLab hope their participants will achieve the ability to start using the tools with minimal external help, see real productivity gains as processes are refined, and see real revenue growth through client understanding and better marketing and sales strategies.

“I strongly believe that once these challenges are overcome…SME owners will become the next generation of ‘SME Champions’ as their businesses capitalise on a digital economy that is set to grow by USD$1 trillion in GDP by 2025 here in ASEAN alone,” Mr Tan said.

Cycle 3 of the FinLab’s accelerator programme is now underway.

Visit The FinLab’s website here to find out more. If you would like to participate in Cycle 3, visit their website here.

Featured Image Credit: UOB Group

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KWSP: No Compromise To Data Integrity Or Members Savings

Earlier today, footage of the Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP) building in Petaling Jaya on fire surfaced amongst Malaysian netizens, with many sharing images and videos on various social media channels.

And at around 1.25pm, KWSP’s Corporate Affairs Department released a statement on their Facebook page confirming the incident and announced the closure the PJ branch until further notice.

They also announced that their Crisis Response Team was working closely with the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department to contain the blaze and ensure that no further damage was done to surrounding areas.

“As safety of customers and staff is our prime concern, total evacuation of the building has been taken, and office and counter services are closed until further notice,” said the statement.

Members of the public have also been speculating about whether their savings held by KWSP are safe, or about their data.

Comments on Facebook from netizens.

This attitude was also called out by another netizen.

Something to think about.

However, the KWSP post also assured members that data integrity was maintained and that member savings were not compromised as a result of the fire.

“We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops and will provide an update once the branch is back in operations.”

It is currently unknown how many were injured or if there were any resulting fatalities caused by the fire, but we will include any relevant updates here once they are released.

Members and employers who wish to perform any transactions with the KWSP are advised to contact or visit the nearest KWSP branch. Alternatively, members may call the KWSP Contact Management Centre at 03-8922 6000 or forward their enquiries through the myEPF website.

Feature Image Credit: Wanie Nanta Kumar on Facebook

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6 HR Woes Entrepreneurs Face, Solved By This App

Most people would think that entrepreneurs end their days like this:

When most of the time, it’s probably like this:

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. You’re wearing more than one hat and besides your daily hustle, you have to think about your employees’ welfare to keep them happy.

Luckily, we live in the 21st century.

There are a few HR online platforms designed to replace the old processes so you can focus on building productivity. We were given access to try out one called Swingvy and after dabbling around a bit, these are the 6 features that stood out to us.

1) Combining the HR & payroll system into one platform.

It’s not uncommon to find smaller enterprises using different systems for different things. But just like how founders wear many hats, having a platform that can juggle a variety of processes can simplify things.

Swingvy combines the admin and payroll functions, so you can manage it all on one platform.

Some of the things that can be done are sending payslips to your staff, which they can access whenever and wherever.

If you need to see a detailed summary of the payrolls, you can go to the Pay Run tab which breaks down all the funds each employee gets.

Example of what a Pay Run summary looks like.


We are all subject to human error. The Automated Payroll Calculation adds that extra relief knowing that any mistakes can be minimised, so long as you ensure the initial figures are correct.

You can also check any additions and deductions like claims or allowances for each employee to make sure they’re accounted for.

By the end, you’re pretty much handling it on your own without needing a third party or an agent—which could cost you more time and money. Swingvy’s payroll is automated so the payroll generation is instant.

Just leaving this here: a payroll agent on average charges RM60 per employee while Swingvy costs RM8.50 per employee. So you do the math.

2) Having an Automated Statutory Form Generator.

Paperwork can be such a hassle, especially when they’re required in a specific format or template.

Since Swingvy runs on automation, it takes the calculations and details of these relevant statutory forms and generates them for submission. Your job is just pressing the submit button or saving the files and it’s done.

It’s the same for the bank files. And since everything is online, you can say adios to paperwork.

3) Highly user configurable according to company policies.

Some companies might have their HQ based in KL but have other branches in different states, which makes things difficult when deciding on policies. Malaysians love our cuti, but it can get confusing when our cuti is on different days.

Swingvy lets you manage your team’s details, like customising their working days according to where their office is and automatically showing the respective public holidays for each state.

So no cheating, even if you orang KL but you work in Johor, you follow Johor holidays.

A bonus configuration is the leniency with the job roles. Your team member might appreciate seeing their title as “Chief Of All The Money” instead of just “Chief Financing Officer”.

4) Keeping employees connected all the time.

When you get an average of 50 emails a day, it’s easy for some to fall between the cracks. We’ve overlooked emails from HR before.

Instead, you can try updating staff about internal affairs on the News tab. Daily reminders, meetings, announcements for birthdays or holidays can all go there.

There’s also no excuse of “I didn’t get the message” anymore because the timeline and calendar feature shows everything happening in the month.

But more importantly is the Goal tab. A young business is usually a lean team but that’s even more reason to make sure we’re all working hard towards the same goal.

It could be a personal one; you could add a sales target that will refresh monthly, or a team effort. For example, our editorial team could use a pageviews target. Many of us are naturally competitive anyway and having our progress clearly measured in a goal bar can be a powerful motivator.

Competition in action.

5) Having an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

It’s proven that a user-friendly interface helps companies decide which software to use. A practical and simple user interface can prevent common mistakes, speed up daily activities and ensure new procedures start off right.

If you’re already managing massive amounts of data, you probably don’t want bulky designs and unnecessary features getting in the way.

Swingvy’s interface is easy to navigate. All the tabs are labelled clearly and each feature is listed according to its function. Most of the features work on automation so that saves a lot of time, which is what most of startups need.

6) Accessing the platform on-the-go

Entrepreneurs are always on the go (there’re people to meet and things to do!), but it’s not practical to be lugging laptops around all the time. One thing you can bet gets carried around 24/7 though is the humble smartphone.

Swingvy has a native app where the team can check payslips, look at the calendar for any upcoming events, and apply for leaves.

The Leave tab shows an overall calendar to see the amount of leaves taken by each employee. For your staff, everything’s laid out there in the open.

It’s pretty much instantaneous instead of them having to wait for weeks to even know whether the leaves are received or not, as the ye ole method would look like.

For the bosses, it’s as simple as signing in. You’ll get notified immediately when a request comes in and choose to approve or reject it on the spot.

The app also notifies you whenever there are updates within the app via push notifications so staying connected all the time isn’t an issue.

So is this platform startup-proof?

We don’t like pushing products to people (and not many will believe us after a few too many recommendations), so here are the facts for you to make the decision for yourselves.

Swingvy does makes things simpler, so you can focus on being productive. With all the features combined on one platform, it’s convenient and saves users from subscribing to multiple services.

If you don’t want to use the payroll module, the platform is free for unlimited users with unlimited time.

So with those quick facts listed above, we think you’re well able to tell for yourselves if a platform like this is a good call for your business.

Sign up for Swingvy today to experience effortless modern HR!

This article was written in collaboration with Swingvy.

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