Brief Guide To Buying Silver Coins In Britain

People around the world invest money using silver coins as these are tangible items and can be saved in lockers for later use. Silver is the second most bought metal after gold and people buy it either for saving or for making exquisite jewelry. Coins are ideal for storing raw silver and can be kept in bank lockers for added security.


When it comes to purchase silver, there are not many dealers in UK who deal in silver coins trading. Silver can be bought in the form of silver bullion from private financial institutions, brokers, or eBay. Silver in UK unlike gold, is not value added tax exempted. Even when buying silver via eBay, one has to pay VAT which is added to the original price. But, the VAT is only applicable if the person who is selling is VAT registered.

Other notable options to buy silver in UK are EFTs, silver accounts (allocated and unallocated), and mining stocks. In silver exchange traded funds or EFTs, the silver is held by a financial institution, such as bank and the account symbolizes the customer’s holding of the silver. This method is affordable and secure. Mining stocks are other preferable options for making investments in silver. People can also open allocated silver accounts where the total authority for trading and shipping silver belongs to the customer. People in UK can open silver accounts at, deposit money and start buying silver online. The silver coins are held in bank vaults and the amount of silver is based upon the purchase. Online buying is the easiest and simplest way of investing in silver in UK.