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4 Non-Glamorous Jobs That Can Launch Your Career

When that dream career doesn’t just fall into your lap, sometimes you need a dramatic change of pace—and perspective. Many of us have reached a moment that feels like rock-bottom when we’re jobless, broke, and not sure where to go next. It usually goes hand-in-hand with the term “post grad”—but that’s certainly not a requisite—and it’s accompanied by indescribable frustration. You feel like you’ve clicked through every job listing, haven’t heard back about an interview in weeks, and despairing, you wail: “I think I might actually wind up washing dishes.” Pause. Why do we consider working in a kitchen the worst possible scenario? Because it doesn’t make use of our higher education? Most of us won’t find a career in the same field as our majors. Because it doesn’t pay well? Many of us will take jobs that we find fulfilling but pay terribly with no regrets. Or maybe it’s …see the slideshow here

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