10 tips to start meditating

Throughout the last weeks I have wanted to show you the benefits of meditation, both long-term and direct effects in your daily life. He has also talked about some elements that make it easier to concentrate and meditate wofs.

However, the beginnings are always complicated! For this reason, I have gathered 10 tips to start meditating and that nothing prevents your entry into this wonderful spiritual exercise. I hope that with this list you will find routines and tricks to facilitate concentration … and that meditation is part of your life!

1) Time: start little by little at a fixed time

When you start meditating, it is counterproductive to throw yourself into long sessions. The ideal is to start with routines of 5-10 minutes that are extended little by little. It is also important to find the time that best suits you so that it becomes a habit. I like to meditate first thing in the morning, when the city is still calm and the energy of dawn can be felt.

2) Choose a space that transmits tranquility

At the beginning, it is easier to meditate in the same place every day. In this space, you must feel security and tranquility. No special decoration is necessary, although you can obviously accompany objects that give you peace. Of course, it completely eliminates distractions like the mobile phone and, if there are noises coming from outside, try to understand what it is about and move on.

3) Do not get complicated: correct posture and closed eyes

When you start to meditate, it is best to choose a comfortable posture, with a straight back and, simply, close your eyes. With time, you will be able to learn postures or practice meditation with your eyes open and improve the experience. For the moment, focus on having your back properly aligned, an important act to achieve a first body-mind balance.

4) Dedicate yourself to feel

Paying attention to your sensations, without trying to change them, is a key point of meditation. You must witness your own existence, your body, gravity, the darkness that surrounds you. Feel

5) Breathe consciously

Within these sensations, the most important aspect is that of breathing. You must carry it out in a conscious way and focus on it when meditating. You can make small series: suck deeply, count 1; it expels the air slowly, counts 2; so until you reach 10 and start again.

6) Do not get frustrated and develop a positive attitude

When meditating, especially at the beginning, there will be difficulties. Surely you will be distracted, mixed feelings will arise and you may feel tension or uneasiness: it is normal, simply receive these sensations with a smile, make a small introspection and continue.

7) Fix the mind with repetitions that help you

Sometimes, the simplest way to concentrate is to repeat a word, a phrase, a sentence: a mantra! If you are starting, just choose what helps you. Certain repetitive sounds can facilitate meditation, as we explained to you when talking about Tibetan bowls. You can lean on your harmony for a more complete meditation.

8) Take advantage of your sense of touch: meditate with the Japa Mala

As I told you when talking about Japa Mala, the sense of touch is also an important part of meditation and comes into connection with the mantras. Concentrating on the accounts, on your repetitions, is also a great help when learning to meditate.

9) Follow guided meditations

Sometimes, the simplest thing is to follow a meditation routine that guides us. In this case, you can leave your phone on, but only to take advantage of the full potential of meditation apps. Recover the post with some of the ones that can facilitate your first sessions.

10) Find companions with whom to learn

Meditation is an exercise in personal exploration, introspection. However, this is not incompatible with doing it in the company of other people: in fact, you can find people with whom to share the experience and with whom to learn. In addition, this can help you strengthen your commitment to meditation and make it easier to integrate into your day-to-day life.